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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by meagalita, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    Great Preko! I am coming to Paris on June 11, 2005 and can hardly wait to meet you, Lita and all other Paris fellow DFers!
  2. Alias

    Alias Member

    Merci ...
    Super ...
    On aura peut-être l'occasion de discuter (même si je préfére danser en fait).
  3. Alias

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    I'm glad if the info I give here is helpful.

    I wonder how to recognise a DF member ...
    Oh wait, there is the "avatar" ...
  4. Alias

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    Pleased to please.
    I intended to do it before all of the DF members come here in Paris.

    The instructors' listing would be useful for persons living in Paris too (I would have been glad to find it when I searched for different salsa teachers in order to have a salsa class almost every day of the week, now my class phase is over in Mambo too (it was already over in Cuban Casino)).

    The clubs and parties listing is a sum up by day of the week, and most important by main kind of music and dance (Cuban Casino, Mambo (slotted), or both), that is the music first intended to this kind of dance (sorry I won't give more hints on the kind of salsa music), and then the kind of dance people dance most there (because I imagine a Cuban Casino only lost in a Mambo crowd, or vice-versa, even if you can always try your way).
  5. Alias

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  6. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    Alias, are you coming? I want to go! I'll be in Paris on Saturday...
  7. Alias

    Alias Member

    I plan to go, but I still have to book, so I will tell for sure when this will be done.
    I'll post in the "Paris Congress Roll Call!" topic.
  8. Alias

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  9. Alias

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    For those who are now in Paris or will soon be for the Paris Salsa Congress (this weekend), any practical question?

    On Sunday afternoon if you don't go to the congress' workshops but want to social dance salsa, you can go to the Barrio Latino Sunday Salsa Afternoon (15:30-19:30) (5 euros) by David Lartist (DJ David Lartist, DJ Willy).
    Of course this weekend is special with the Paris Salsa Congress (workshops, shows, concerts, parties) and I don't know if all the regulars (and in particular the best dancers) will be there at the Barrio.

    BARRIO LATINO (46 rue du Faubourg St Antoine 75012 Paris) (station "Bastille") (local phone 01 55 78 84 75):
    Sunday Salsa Afternoon by David Lartist from 15:30 to 19:30 (5 euros for the party, coatcheck fee of 1 euro by item) (there are also classes before and you can get the classes and the party for 10 euros, 13:30?-14:20 (initiation), 14:20-15:20 (beginner), 14:20-15:20 (intermediate)).
  10. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    I went to Barrio Latino on Sunday and had a very good time! Friendly atmosphere, nice music, nice club.

    I visited la Pachanga on Monday and Friday. It was nice, friendly and crowded. But I also had a great time!

    On Tuesday it was la Coupole time for me. I liked it a lot! Good music, good dancers... I also got a trophy dance with Al Espinosa. Loved every minute of it! :)

    I met Lita, Preko and wuthering. I failed to meet Alias, who called me two times. And I am sorry for this. Maybe next time.

    I want to thank wuthering for being so nice and for the coffee which we shared together (well... she had a juice and I had beer, but whatever). She is a wonderful and friendly person and I am very happy to have met her! Hope to see you again, chica!

    I met a friend from Paris as well, who accompanied me around. If you read these lines, thnak you Michel... :)
  11. wuthering

    wuthering New Member

    Hi squirrel 8) I'm glad too that we could met. By the way, your friend Michel is a very good dancer, tell him to go more often to la Pachanga (that's where I dance most of the time).
  12. Alias

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    I'm sorry too.
    In fact I'm not that good at recognizing someone according to a spoken description.
  13. Alias

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    Europeando Salsa Congress Paris (
    September 2005, 9 Friday - 10 Saturday - 11 Sunday
    Paris (France)

    Sorry I'm a bit late to tell you about this one which happens this weekend (2005 Sept 9-10-11), this is the first edition, as far as I understand the idea is to get workshops with great teachers in Europe and to cover Cuban Casino and Rueda as well as cross-body-lead slotted salsa (on 1, on 2) (in workshops and parties), and even offer some classes in other dances (danse orientale, afro-cuban, bachata, hip-hop, lindy hop, reggaeton, tango) and relaxation after the workshops.
    Workshops: Friday afternoon (13:30-18:15) (4), Saturday (10:00am-18:15) (6), Sunday (10:00am-18:15) (6).
    Parties with Shows: Friday (21:00-5:00am), Saturday (20:00-5:00am), Sunday (19:00-2:00am).
  14. Alias

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    Dancing in Paris

    You may have a look at the "Dancing in Paris" (SalsaForums) thread (started by ArtySalsera on 2005-01-31 with last post by Alias on 2006-11-09, 25 posts).
  15. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    Reviving an old thread...

    Any updates for me as to where to dance Salsa in Paris?
  16. Alias

    Alias Member

    Hello squirrel,

    I've been posting (and I still post) about dancing Salsa in Paris on SalsaForums answering questions and as a work in progress to sum up information about the Salsa dance scene in Paris (for instance indicating salsa clubs and parties with their life span, organizers, DJs, instructors, links to web sites, links to forum threads about the party, …):

    The main thread about dancing Salsa in Paris:
    "Dancing in Paris" (in the "Member Reviews" section)
    with for instance these (updated in place) posts:
    Where to dance Mambo in Paris (weekly parties)
    Where to dance Cuban Casino in Paris (weekly parties)
    Some upcoming (non-weekly) Salsa parties in Paris and following
    but I think it's interesting to read from the beginning.

    The thread about where are located Salsa clubs and parties (as well as some update or info about some parties):
    "Where to stay in Paris? (close to clubs)" (in the "Member Reviews" section)

    This other thread someone started:
    "Paris weekender" (in the "Just Dance" section)
    where this post gives some overview about the different salsa dances and parties in Paris.

    Have a look, it's just a click away.
    I will later duplicate here a snapshot of some selected posts.
    I don't know the DF rules about updating one's posts (and they may change).

    Note to DFers:
    I'm posting about Salsa in Paris on SalsaForums and you can read it, but I also have a look at DF from time to time so you can ask questions here and I will presumably respond when I see them and find a way to formulate the answer.
  17. Alias

    Alias Member

    Now here's a quick note as an update especially for you:

    Doesn't take place anymore:
    Le Montecristo (Mon) (until 2006-10-02).
    Le Clair-Obscur (Tue) (until 2006-04-18).
    La Boca Chica (DJ Fred) (Wed).
    La Coupole (until 2006-12-26).
    Les Etoiles (until 2007-02-23).

    Some new:
    El Diab'Litho Latino also on Tuesday and Saturday.
    Viaduc Café (Fri) (from 2006-02-17).
    Le Privé (Tue) (from 2007-01-02).
    Le Balajo (Thu) (from 2006-03-09).
    O'Sullivans (Sun) is now weekly instead of "every two weeks usually".

    There are also some non-weekly parties …
  18. Alias

    Alias Member

    Top secret message to jenibelle: I've posted an answer to your questions there
  19. Bailando

    Bailando New Member

    Thanks, Alias, for this helpful information. I'll be in Paris on Wednesday and Thursday nights--and would love to go salsa dancing at least once! I see that there is a pre-congress salsa party this Thursday. Will this be the happening spot for the evening? Should I forget about checking out Le Balajo?

    Does anyone know where to go on Wednesday nights?

    I also saw the thread on salsaforums but couldn't respond b/c the system won't let me register (my email address has been banned!) so hope someone sees this message here.

  20. Alias

    Alias Member

    On thursday there is the weekly salsa party for Mambo dancers at the Balajo (DJ Willy), and maybe once a month (… 2007-03-22, 04-26, 05-31) the salsa party organised by Marco at the Club Med World Bercy (where some dancers go), and otherwise salsa parties for Casino dancers.

    The Club Med World salsa party was chosen to be the pre-openning party of the first edition of the "Yambu and friends Paris Mambo Festival" which will be held in Paris this weekend on (Fri 1st, Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd) of June 2007 at the "Espace Congrès Les Esselières" (Rond Point du Général de Gaulle 94800 Villejuif).
    Maybe one reason for this choice was the stage where you can put on salsa shows.

    On this special occasion the Club Med World show (nothing to do with salsa) doesn't take place, the classes begin one hour earlier, and you get more DJs with also DJ Gabriel and DJ Kalix.
    So it may be better than usual and attract more dancers?

    Unfortunately I can't answer your questions, this is a special circumstance and I don't know where the dancers will go and how the parties will go.

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