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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by pygmalion, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. SDsalsaguy

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    Yup, as per Boriken, there are certainly people who dance on2 elsewhere, but you're better served with on1 anywhere but NY.
  2. elisamaria

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    what is this salsa event that you are all talking about, i have been away for a little because i've been so busy fill me in i would really want to go to these event they sound like a lot of fun!!!

  3. youngsta

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    Hmmmm, must check into this!! Come onnnn frequent flyer miles!! :lol:
  4. SDsalsaguy

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    I'm with you to wrack up them miles ASAP!
  5. salsachinita

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    Don't forget to make some spare time to spend in Melbourne 8) !
  6. Neil

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    Here are the Salsa congresses in Miami. So far, I've only been to IHSC. I've been meaning to go to the other congresses too, but I haven't made it to any yet. I get lots of Salsa in Miami, but I have to travel to conventions to get really good Swing, Disco, and Country dancing. So, when there is a conflict, I usually go to the Swing, Disco, or Country convention.

    IHSC: Early April.
    I love the International Hustle and Salsa Competition. Since it's in Miami, the Salsa part is the biggest, but there are three large ballrooms for Salsa, Disco, and Swing dance, plus there is a dance floor outside by the swimming pool. I dance Swing and Disco just as much as Salsa, so this is really a great event for me, I love the variety. The dinner show is very good. The event directors bring in the top Salsa and Disco talent. There are lots of good workshops in all styles of Salsa and Hustle.

    Salsa Lovers & Albert Torres: August 12-15 They don't have any information on this event posted to their web site yet.
    Salsa Lovers is one of the oldest and biggest Salsa schools in Miami with 20,000 students. Those of you on the west coast are familiar with Albert Torres. These two big names in Salsa should result in a good congress.

    World Salsa Federation: Halloween weekend
    I heard this was a small event in a dumpy hotel the first year. Mostly competitions, not social dancing. It grew and moved to a better hotel in the second year. 2004 will be the third year and time for me to give it a shot I guess. I heard pretty good reviews on it last year.

    Salsa Casino Nov 12-14
    Henry Herrera is a great dancer who came to the USA from Cuba around ten years ago and has been a sensation with his dancing ever since. He was a champion in Cuba as a teenager. The other director is Billy Fajardo who is one of the directors of IHSC and is known more for his Hustle dancing and theater arts (lifts, drops, dips, etc). The hotel is on South Beach, so it's a great spot for tourists. There are lots of clubs, cafes and night life. This is only two weeks after the WSF convention, so it would be perfect for people traveling from far away who would like to stay for two weeks and make a full vacation out of it.
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    Hi Neil. :D Nice to see you again. 8)
  8. Neil

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    Re: Salsa Congresses

    Hey CD, thanks for the review of the congresses you attended. As far as a strategy for choosing activities, I like to concentrate on social dancing, private lessons, and group classes when I'm at a dance convention. I have to catch up on the show and competition on video. The dancing really gets hot after 3am. By then, the "bleacher creatures" have gone home and the hard core dancers have the floor to themselves and keep going until 7am or later. If you go to bed at 3, you're missing the best part.

    Those of you who are having trouble deciding whether to attend a Salsa congress should buy the video from a few recent ones. You'll get to see at least the shows and competitions, plus maybe reviews of all the group classes and even some social dancing. That should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

    So, CD, you lived in Detroit? I know a buxom blonde Salsa dancer in Detriot named Susanna (or Suzanne), do you know her? By the way, the comment I made in my previous post (about people who travel from far away) had you in mind. Are you back in Melbourne now?

    Pygmalion, thanks for the greeting. So, you live in Florida and have never been to a Salsa congress? What gives?
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    Life in The D

    Hi Neil,
    Yes, I know Suzanna. She credits me as being the first really technical dancer with whom she danced Salsa, way back in 2000 - long before she went to Miami and learned to spin the way she does, I was propelling her through double turns by main force . . . Now I just let her fly on her own. :)
    I've actually just returned to The D from Melbourne, and was in Miami for the IHSC just gone (saw her there, too!). Melbourne was fantastic - such a great social atmosphere, and about 10x the size of scene Detroit - that I really didn't want to leave, but duty (or, at least, the fact that my savings can't last forever ;-) ) called me back.
    I'm going to be on the East Coast (handily mixing Boston Congress with work interviews) from next week, and Seattle thereafter . . . Busy times ahead. It sounds, though, like you hardly need to move from Miami to get great Salsa, but here, it's a bit thin on the ground. Are you congressing elsewhere this year?

    Anyone else going to the Boston Congress?


  10. Neil

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    CD, since there is so much good social Salsa dance and salsa classes here in Miami, plus the four Salsa congresses we have here, I save my vacation days to travel to Swing and Hustle conventions.

    Tell Suzanna that I said hello.
  11. D-spot

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    Re: Salsa Congresses

  12. Neil

    Neil Member

    Re: Salsa Congresses

    The "bleacher creatures" are so called because they come to the congress to sit in the bleachers and watch the show/competition. Then, they do just a few social dances and go home. The hard core dancers might have danced in the show, but, in any case, they go out of their way to dance a lot with the best dancers so they go through the trouble of making arrangements to be on the floor from 3am to 7am.

    But, don't just take my word for it. Hang out with the late crowd at your next convention and tell me if you think that the average level of dancing is the same in the first dances after the show as it is four hours later. I've been there many times and can tell you that the people who are still dancing are the ones who travel to lots of congresses and dance a lot. The ones who stay for the show and go home are mostly people who dance a little and only went to the congress because it was in their home town.

    I hope you weren't offended by the term "bleacher creature." You sound pretty hard core to me. ;)

    EDIT: I fixed your misatribution of my quote. You might want to go back to your post and fix it there as well.
  13. D-spot

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    I speak fluent English, but I'm still learning Canadian (can't speak it yet and lots of misunderstandings), so forgive my little heart for not understanding.

    Agreed that the more skilled dancers tend to come out once the sun goes down. Mind there are some mighty fine attitudes earlier in the evening. They may not be able to get out or stay out as long as others, but they often have attitudes way above some of the so-called self proclaimed incrowd/hard-core.

    Dancing rocks, any kind, anywhere, anytime.

    When in the workshops do DF'ers aim to get the most out of it for yourself (trying to hog the instructors attention) or work for the benefit of all?
    I have seen a certain local group stand at the front and make the most noise, hence effectively taking over the workshop for themselves, leaving the quieter ones out of it.

    (dumb and getting dumber)
  14. youngsta

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    sbsalsera, it's getting real close! We need to coordinate a way to find each other and dance! :lol:
  15. sbsalsera

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    Hurray! It's the two-week countdown to the West Coast Congress! :lol:

    Who else is going? SG? SD? aragonh? tsb?

    I think it'll be nearly impossible to find anyone during the congress, so what about meeting somewhere for a DF dinner? I bought a Friday-Saturday-Sunday evening ticket, so Saturday or Sunday night would work best for me.

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