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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by ticolora, Apr 26, 2017.

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    One observation was that some women only dance with the best men. So much to consider here. Maybe the women already have some established friends they are comfortable dancing with. Maybe they want to dance with men of a similar skill level.
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    @DanceMentor, could you please clarify. I am not sure if you are agreeing, disagreeing, or defending the point from the article, or are you adding your own?

    If you are talking about

    > The women who dance only with the best men are as close to an “alpha female” as you will ever meet. Approach with caution.

    May I ask you to explain that one. I don't understand what he is talking about there.
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    In general those are good observations and i could confirm many. They are no scientific studies, just things the author found to be mostly true.
    I like posts that explain more, but every single point in there is worth thinking about for a beginner and many intermediates. I used that list to check with my own perception too, some helped, some were clear anyway and a few i opposed for myself.

    My understanding:
    "Alpha" in this cases stands for "high ranked in the socially competitive group". It is not about their actual dancing skills but more about their arrogance and will to harm others.
    This is why the author added "Approach with caution"
    See them more like the "beautiful female antagonist" of high school films.

    Note that the author wrote about "women who dance only ..." not "all the best men around want to dance with". I found the follows being most popular around the best leads outside their peer group usually be willed to dance with less talented leads too, while many of the best leads tend to ignore those "alpha females", unless they are socially or sexually interested.
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