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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by samina, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    am with you on that one

    yah, i like these, too. have been trying to find my way into feeling where these go... some tiny improvement... not much
  2. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    it *is* so pretty... i wish i spoke it better. i manage, but get no practice :(
  3. noobster

    noobster Member

    I'm glad people think it's pretty. I have to say that I think it sounds a little harsh, but it is difficult to judge about a language that's very familiar to you. I do think Greek is very expressive, it is very flexible (without the rigid sentence structure of English) and also lends itself easily to m etaphorical /literary/romantic phrases that just sound all wrong and horrible and cheesy when translated directly into English. I've found Spanish to be more like Greek in that sense as well but my Spanish is not as literate as my Greek unfortunately. :(

    (And good on you for figuring out what language that was, yippee! It just occurred to me that few would recognize it, especially all b@stardized with latin letters. How'd you know?)
  4. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member


    How'd I recognize it? Before my trip to Greece I learned a number of basic words/phrases. For some reason my brain has a real aptitude for languages, and whatever I learn language-wise, I pretty much retain. Y de hecho, ya soy mas o menos "fluente" en espagnol. ;--) Soy en un grupo social para Ellenidos, asi que, en ese manera, pudiera practicar Elleniki, si me decida aprenderlo algun dia.

    Tx. Samina and Noobster for the Tankaas link. I guess I'll have to pay more attention to the shoes for sale at those socials, as I see they are sold at CK's and Choco's. For some reason I never check out those vendors. :--)

    Englezul: I agree w/you on the ladies styling thing. As to those foot taps etc that you like during partnerwork, that's something I really want to work on. I see women making some nice little step, and I just can never seem to figure out how to fit them in timing-wise. I've also seen women step their foot out to the side after finishing a spin or something. I wonder if there is a class or teacher anywhere that specifically teaches that type of ladies styling, as I've yet to see it taught in any of my classes.

    And ditto on the flip-flops. That look has always really irked me. But then, so do Uggs, but let's not go there. :--)
  5. naturallove

    naturallove New Member

    I'm so glad I enabled--I mean encouraged another person. Mine finally came after two months or so but I love them! They are so worth it (I bought two more pairs)!
  6. Catarina

    Catarina New Member

    I think englezul's gonna wanna skip this post based on how strongly he feels about either cuban dancing or flip flops ;) , but lots of videos of the cuban salseras dancing show them in flip can be done! mroe so out of necessity and what shoes are available, but it is so possible for some to learn to dance beautifully in shoes the rest of us would fall over in....atleast that's how i feel about 3" heels compared to flats....
  7. englezul

    englezul New Member

    You have to have some perspective here, of course cuban salseras wear flip-flops. That's because Cuba's entire GDP is what Bill Gates would drop for charity in a slow year not because of some sort of style statement.

    And I don't mind shoes with a flat sole. Although I do like the heels. :D
    It's the flip-flops that I hate.
  8. azzey

    azzey Member

    Talking of influences, the first part of the clip up until about 28 seconds in is mostly Afro-Cuban Rumba. You can see a dramatic change in styling once they partner up but every now and then she adds a bit of Rumba to make the styling sections flow more..

    Thought you might be interested, incase you've not taken Rumba classes before.
  9. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    Yeah, I LOVE the way Nancy works it in that video. Her neck, shoulders and hips....
  10. fallenangel

    fallenangel New Member

    I dance on flats and heelz. I do think that flats makes spinning easier, for balance & shines. After your good at it, go back to your heelz. A lot of ppl got too comfortable with flats and find it difficult to go back to heelz. So i use flats for practice and heelz when i go out dancing.
    Once u dance too much on your flats u will lose that feminen touch. Like someone mention, feels more street with flats.

    Something to share below, one of my fav.
    Nothing too flashy, but stylish & sexy. Smooth!
  11. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    Yup. She's of my FAVE dancers. I'm going to arrange a private with her in the next month or so. :--)
  12. mjstrazzero

    mjstrazzero New Member

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    mjstrazzero New Member

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