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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Twilight_Elena, May 9, 2005.

  1. fun

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    consider the ballroom places too!

    wow - amazing resource of salsa venues!

    should you ever move or live in an area without dedicated salsa venues i suggest what i have done at many places (even in San Francisco or London where you actually have a great Salsa scene...)

    i often went to the ballroom places which are nearly always more spacious and often more relaxed and welcoming playing beautiful music etc. (they simply have a bigger budget and better marketing)

    Salsa can be danced to many types of music like rumba, chacha (or you throw into your salsa basic a double step), brasilian forro, pop, generally to any kind of 4 beat pattern. it may become boring with some tracks since there is no accent (i.e. emphasis) on the first or 5th beat but it helps to become creative. 8)

    i personall switch then (when salsa adaptions becomes too monotonous) over to argentine tango which can easily cover the rest of anything played at ballroom dance places. neotango dancers know what i mean..:)

    only drawback is that you might have to bring your own partner (if you don t dance ballroom) and it makes you feel a bit strange if you say no when being ask for a dance (as a girl) by a ballroom dancer reasoning you can t dance... unless they lead you... it's easier for the guys since good ballroom dancers can often be lead at least into the simple tango and salsa steps

    -klaus 8)

    i invite you to take part in the poll (dancing to any music)
  2. Twilight_Elena

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    :shock: People have been busy over here, linking to everything!
    Haven't updated the thread for some time now, sorry, but I'll do my best to update now. Oh, and ALL the links are broken. :? Tough luck for me. I guess I'll be the one to make this whole thing work again, which means searching for all those threads once again and linking them back. Lots of work. Can't possibly do it right now, I'm stuffed with homework like a Thanksgiving turkey. But will work on it asap. :D

    Twilight Elena
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    Well there are a few cities in Bulgaria that have Salsa dance schools. Sofia as the capital has the most ofcourse. There are Salsa cluvs in Varna and Plovdiv as well. Recently I heard that a new one opened in Shumen, but I can't confirm on that one.
    I was gonna post a direct link to a list of salsa clubs in Bulgaria, but I can't because I don't have 15 posts. You can use the link from my signature for more information :D.
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    First of all that was a great job to gather and classify all this information on (links to) threads about "Salsa Worldwide: Index to areas and their salsa life", thank you.
    Alas as noticed these kinds of links (to threads or posts) are no longer valid under the new web forum software (vBulletin) and the threads' or posts' numbers aren't even the same, so we've got to find them again.
    Since then someone* has done the job of updating the first post of this thread, replacing the previous links with current valid links to threads on corresponding topics (maybe not the same threads) (*Twilight_Elena herself if she can edit this post of her, or else a moderator), thanks again.

    About "Salsa in Paris" - to bring my little little help (it's far easier to find the new link to a thread you've posted in, as you just have to search your own posts) - I just wanted to mention that now the link points to the old "Paris Salsa Clubs - Which are worth visiting?" thread started by squirrel on 2004-04-08 (yyyy-mm-dd) (hello squirrel) with last post on 2004-05-13 (12 posts) instead of the more recent "Salsa clubs/instructors in Paris?" thread started by meagalita on 2005-02-01 with last post on 2005-09-09 (53 posts).
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  6. Benjamim Nande

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    Portugal is missing!
    I can make a list if you wish...
  7. Medira

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    Sounds like a great idea, if you wouldn't mind! :)
  8. Julili

    Julili New Member

    Salsa in Belarus!

    Greetings from Minsk, Belarus!

    We would like to present you the pilot web site of the first and leading salsa dance school and promo group SalsaBreeze!
    There are a lot of pictures, information about local and international salsa events, new projects and interesting salsa activities.

    Here it is

    You can contact us by e-mail:

    You are welcome! Be our guest, participate in our projects, and discuss new ideas!
  9. just-a-salsera

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    information regarding salsa in Estonia could be found at (since i just arrived, cannot post links yet)

  10. pygmalion

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    Thanks just-a-salsera. :D Welcome. :)
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Salsa in Portugal. Thanks to Benjamim Nande. :D

  12. salseiro

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    Salsa in Dublin & Ireland: www
  13. fun

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    Here is a new one that used to be in the UK now in Newtown, Sydney, Australia: LA and Cuban style!
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    Salsa in London
    Has reviews of clubs and teachers, a decent forum, up to date schedule of what is going on every night.
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    how about salsa in india?? :) can i post a link to salsa india? we are having a salsa festival in mumbai indiawhere the likes of super mario are comin down to teach :) sratrs 5th april till the 8th....
  16. spencer

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  17. tj

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    Hey, wow! Sounds like a lot of fun! Is there a large salsa community in India?

    Give us a full review afterwards!
  18. spencer

    spencer New Member

    lol depends on wat u mean by large :) but its growing fast thats for sure.....there are a few of us who went to malaysia and singapore last year for the festivals.Plan to go this year too :) been to a couple of places in london too when i was there :) will put pics and if possible vids....cant wait......we have a salsa sunday every sunday at a place in mumbai called zenzi.....anyone visiting mumbai defi gimme a call :)
  19. Ron Obvious

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  20. SalsaTO

    SalsaTO New Member Toronto's Salsa 'Zine

    Toronto is a veritable 'Salsa Central.'

    Drop by - Toronto's Salsa 'Zine or - Rose and Ziv for a handle on Toronto, home of the Canada Salsa Congress and the Winter Salsa Carnival!

    Clubs, instructors, shows, competitions, pix, videos and more are found on these sites.

    A lot of the instructors have their own sites with useful stuff too!

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