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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Twilight_Elena, May 9, 2005.

  1. spencer

    spencer New Member
    It was amazing!!! We had 2 full dance floors and dj henry knowles was spinnin it!!Super Mario was super,lil Dom did like 20 spins in a sec Ahmed from Dubai taught us salsa "dubai style".......not on the 1 not on the 2 but on the FUN!!!! lol :) Amazing 4 nights!!!
  2. sac76

    sac76 New Member

    was there at the fest....go india go...........:)
  3. sac76

    sac76 New Member

    Guys,anyone coming for Malaysian Salsa Festival 2007 held from 9th to 12th August? give me a shout :

    see u guys there :)
  4. spencer

    spencer New Member

    yeh sachin im coming along with divya nicole mamta shahneen :)
    i think this time there are gonna be about 10 to 15 of us comin down for the malaysia fest :) see ya there!!
  5. Julili

    Julili New Member

  6. Gekko008

    Gekko008 New Member

    My little donation.

    Someone from our circle has been running this website that shows one of the more comprehensive info of New Zealand salsa.

    It doesn't have everything, but should give enough starting point to show who to call etc for more info.
  7. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda New Member

    Salsa In Egypt

    Hi there. Let me know if you're dropping by, and I'm happy to give info on the popular salsa clubs of the time.

    I'm also running the Egypt Salsa Festival on 30th October 2009., or join the Facebook Group 'Egypt Salsa Festival 2009' for festival updates. :cool:
  8. Bayo

    Bayo New Member

    Salsa in Minsk

    I will be in Minsk for a week later this month. Any information on the salsa clubs there will be most helpful.
  9. Julili

    Julili New Member

    "ALCATRAZ" club, Nezavisimosti avenue, 25 every Thursday and Sunday 19.00-22.30, entrance: 3 USD


    any questions? (Julia from SalsaBreeze school)
  10. Hock Siew

    Hock Siew New Member

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