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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by 3wishes, May 30, 2013.

  1. 3wishes

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    Ok, this is an old trick with a new twist. Voice technology. And a wasted 3 hours of time today but all is ok.
    Next door neighbor, gets phone call, "we have your son ______ here in New York, he is drunk and has had a traffic accident" then during this sentence we actually heard the exact voice of her son saying "shhhh, don't tell my parents I'm here, they think I'm at college in >>>>>city"....let me tell ya'all - it sounded exactly like the son.
    Both parents are now listening as well as Uncle, the other end of phone person says, "we can forget the whole thing, he's just a college kid, if you send $1,800 bucks to Mrs. ______ via Mexico"....
    Ok, well,,,,let's see,,,all of us saw their son leaving this morning for his presentation at the car manufacturer at Cal Tech. This is really a no brainer.
    But what blows our minds,,,,,the technologly that was used to create an exact voice of their son. BEWARE,,,,Needless to say the parents were a bit unnerved, the Uncle was all for going after them - whoever they are,,,and the son? well, he is still on campus and just finished his presentation. Don't fall for it.
  2. Cal

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    This is probably going to sound as though my family is overly suspicious about people, but we've agreed upon certain "identity" questions, in the event one of us would get a call like this. The questions are based on things that only that person would know and wouldn't be found by a scammer on a typical google search - things like "What do I always keep on the top shelf in the pantry?" or "Where will you find my flathead screwdriver?". Hard for a scammer to guess the right answer.
    It's a bit harder if the person on the other end of the phone claims that your family-member is unconscious and can't answer questions. It isn't foolproof, but you can try to make a "trick" comment or question about an supposedly identifying piece of clothing or a body mark that you know they don't have. Something like: "I hope she didn't lose her pink sunglasses, she just bought them" (and you know that she has no such pink sunglasses), or "Tell me the color of the anchor tattoo on his ankle" (and you know he has no such tattoo.) Scammers might guess right, but they might hang up if they realize that you are suspicious.
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  3. Steve Pastor

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    Cyborgs from the future here to eliminate the future leader of the resistance.

    One defense is to Remember to ask them what's wrong with Wolfie!
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    no problemo

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