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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by luh, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. chandra

    chandra New Member

    talk about a freudian slip, too much Harry Potter on my mind

    I meant death drop!

    (incase you didnt get that from the previous posts, jason barnes is my teacher whenever I make it up to minneapolis. 5hr drive)
  2. Dave

    Dave New Member

    For what it's worth, that's a lot closer to what I had in mind initially, but seems to be totally different from the move Luh and Diavo have in mind.

    Maybe we should start a list of "death drops"

    The first move I learned called a death drop starts from a cuddle; the woman is dropped face first towards the floor (still in cuddle hold), and then unwrapped. The face first bit is what scares the woman (I've also heard this move called the nosebleed :eek: ), but actually the unwrap bit is what most people find harder.

    I've also heard the candlestick and drop down the back called a death drop - but more frequently called the death dive. This move always freaks me out - the idea of my partner falling down behind me where I can't do a save is very scary. Funnily my wife has never had a problem with it.

    I've never heard the "basic" move Luh and Diavo described called a death drop. But I've seen a variation called a death drop. The variation is done one handed with arms straight and uses a large amount of momentum to counterbalance gravity while the guy steps over her - it requires 100% commitment. (You can do essentially the same move slowly using strength, but that wouldn't be a death drop - it's the "if this goes wrong, one of us is hitting the floor - there are no half measures" element that makes it 'deathly').

    I've also heard the floorsweeper (not sure you call it that - I found a clip of it at http://www.jiving.demon.co.uk/video/floorswp.mpg if you want to see what I mean) called a death drop by some.
  3. Flat Shoes

    Flat Shoes New Member

    Wow! :shock: You have to really trust your partner for that one. Ouch...
  4. Flat Shoes

    Flat Shoes New Member

    That's what I was thinking about too. Also the variation where the woman is thrown into the air first, and caught behind the back, picked up between the feet and liftet up in front og the guy. I've only seen it done in acrobatic rock'n'roll.

    I've done that one. Takes a really good grip to not let go of the girl.
  5. Dave

    Dave New Member

    Sure. Generally speaking the "down the back" bit is the death dive; the entrance/exits can vary a lot. (We actually did it from the dirty-dancing lift - which is probably one of the least scary methods). The catch and pull-through exit is reasonably straightforward other than making it really smooth and clean.

    (In interests of disclosure, we eventually gave up on that move - never really got it looking good enough).

    As for the Jason/Erica drop needing trust. Do you know the aerial Kyle/Sarah did at the end of their 1998 US Open routine? Basically the girl sits on the guy's shoulder (straddle legs) face forward. From there, you make sure you have good grips (R-R, L-L), and the girl pivots face forwards to drop head first at the ground. It's a long way down, and although you can control the speed if the girl keeps her shape, it moves very quickly if she doesn't. Now if you have Kyle and Sarah's height difference, it's not actually that scary - but for us it was a definite "your hair will hit the ground" move. Combined with the fact that the girl needs to be brave and keep her shape, it was definitely challenging...

    Of course, Oleg Ouchakov (Cirque du Soleil) does the same move but with the girl in a hand-to-hand overhead handstand. His partners all seem to weigh about 70 lbs though!
  6. chandra

    chandra New Member

    OMG, oleg and tatianas act is incredible... Id love to see someone do somthing similar for cabaret...

    interesting trivia on oleg and tatiana, oleg tends to not get injured, but I beleive tatiana did, after a couple of years... I believe that was his 7th (dont quote me on the number, its early) partnership to end in injury. After that one ended he moved on to a new partner, and the "did dancing in highheels" I never saw the act but I wouldve liked to... SHe was an ex figureskater!

    Re: j&e trust: A good thing to note too is that they do alot of that stuff, Also realizing that jason is like 6 foot something and he is strong. Erica is tall too, but I sware, she is the skinniest girl ever! Those moves look extra cool with tall people, because the change in height is so drastic. So they look extra cool, plus Jason is trust worthy... They have a good combo!

    I think the more impressive aerials are the type nathali and yuval do. Im not too worried about it if I still have contact with my partner, And im not thin like erica!
  7. Dave

    Dave New Member

    I don't know if you've heard of them, but the Iouvilov's have done some stuff with Cirque, and they won the Blackpool Exhibition (effectively Cabaret) in 03 and 04. Unfortunately, I understand the exhibition footage is never released.

    Hmmm... not sure that part of his record sounds good! Of course, Tatiana was/is ridiculously flexible, and I think that always predisposes to injury. And then some of their moves seem to involve a lot of joint/tendon stress rather than muscle strength.

    From that quote I'm guessing you watched the "Fire Within" series! Very interesting look behind the scenes...

    My wife always dances in heels, so we don't do any aerials where I don't physically control the landing. (We've more or less stopped pushing our envelope these days anyhow).
  8. chandra

    chandra New Member

    Yup, and Im a total cirque du soleil junky! As an ex-hand2hand acrobat (we just street performed, nothing cool) I love watching that stuff, its like the epitomy of cool!
    I wish oleg and tatiana were still in varekai, I suppose as well as tat being injured, their choreography was too close to the choreography of body skaters, so they didnt get much shock and awe value from the crowd... Just heresay so dont quote me!
    Ever been to the cirque du soleil forum www.cirquetribune.com? Great place to go to learn about cirque, but bad place to go to ask questions! If any info you ask about is available on any media, and wouldnt be directly privileged cirque stuff (which they wont reveal anyway), you get totally flamed by all the moderators on the board! (I havent been over in ahwile, so just IIRC IMO)

    I love it when people combine swing and aerials! Id love to see what Oleg would do within the constraints of WCS showcase routine...
  9. Dave

    Dave New Member

    I'm in awe - we've pretty much topped out at around the level of the bigger lifts you'll see in WCS showcase (I can lift 1-handed, but not with enough reliability for routines). Hand-to-hand is a big step up from there.

    Looks like I just did (quote you that is!). Strange, because I loved their routine in Varekai - I really like the romantic, fluid style as opposed to the pure "acro".

    I've lurked on a Cirque forum, but can't remember which one I'm afraid.
  10. chandra

    chandra New Member

    there is one on the official website, and then there was an old one, but that got shut down and replaced by CT... It was probably CT you were on, unless it was more than 2 years ago! CT was my first forum, unfortunately the sheer volume of people on there asking hoe to contact the atherton twins kinda ruined it!

    Yah, I love Oleg and tatianas act!

    I was never really very good, Alot of my friends were though, they went and spent a year at toronto school of circus arts training like 7 hours a day! One of my friends (incidently ex-acro partner for a brief stint) was invited to audition for cirque!
  11. Dave

    Dave New Member

    It was pretty recent - I got "Fire Within" as a birthday present this year, and ended up looking for info in a "where are they now?" kind of way!

    Nor us! We started doing aerials in our 30s, and although we've gone a lot further than we ever thought we could, there's only so much the body can learn, and only so much stress it can take!
  12. MAJ28

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  14. Medira

    Medira New Member

    Wow. Your wife was brave to do that in that gown. I would have been so afraid to step on the hem as I was being raised back up...and knowing my luck, I would have stepped on it and ended up on my rump.
  15. Dave

    Dave New Member

    Not as brave as she was to do the overhead lifts! (We met because we were both looking for aerials partners, so it was kind of appropriate). She did make sure she chose a dress she could dance in, and although I kept tradition and never saw the dress before the day, she had a bridesmaid dress of similar length and weight we could practice in. So we had a fairly good idea what worked and what didn't.
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  17. Flat Shoes

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    Wow! What a ccol wife!

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