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Discussion in 'Videos' started by canismajor41, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. canismajor41

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  2. theAnnelis

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    Unbelievable. They haven't lost a step.
  3. davedove

    davedove Well-Known Member

    I have some of the DVD's they did with Corky Ballas. Even when they are demonstrating the most basic steps, they look absolutely fabulous.
  4. limni299

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    not my fav couple of all time but man, they're just incredibly beautiful together. breathtaking to watch
  5. Natasha.

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  6. phazesix

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    My fave too!! Thanks for the videos...I had no idea they did the Kremlin show. I was @ Dance Legends in NY & I know they did a show in Florida. Fingers crossed they keep performing together. They look REALLY happy!! :) Now if they would just add their Hey Daddy or Chain of Fools cha cha (and I could see them perform it live)...I could die happy!!

    I felt so privileged to have seen them perform , I had no idea it would bring out so many emotions in me! I have only been doing ballroom for about 3 yrs & they quickly became my fave couple thanks to youtube oldies. I thought I would never get the chance to see Slavik dance in person. I was so shocked to hear they were reuniting. It's the BEST THING EVER!!! :) :) :)
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  7. ajiboyet

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    You took the words right out of my HEART. Two of the best cha chas ever performed anywhere.
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  8. IlyZislin

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    "Zvezdiy Duet" and Dance Legends were the only two shows they did, as far as I know. We (Dance Legends) and Zvezdnyu Duet collaborated on getting them to dance :)
  9. hathor

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  10. Dr Dance

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    Karina sometimes teaches at the Chevy Chase Dance Studio in Washington, DC as a visiting coach. She recently taught a private lesson in rumba to former owner and master instructor Ron Bennett, one of my many group instructors. Although he is in his late seventies, he still has great knowledge of ballroom and Latin having once been a ten dance champion. He could not contain his glee about having her instruct him.

    "She made me feel like a kid again!" he commented about her lesson, "All of those things that I used to do in my prime, but not doing anymore, she had me do them all again!"

    I think that he really enjoyed his experience.
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  11. GJB

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  12. MaggieMoves

    MaggieMoves Well-Known Member

    LOOOOOOOOVE them. They are so beautiful together! Without a doubt my first favorite couple.
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  13. GJB

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    It looks like they are dancing their old show numbers. I wish they would get some new choreography. I already have this stuff on DVD and it's on youtube.
  14. MaggieMoves

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    I haven't seen it in so long, it looks amazing to me still. If they don't have new routines though, I doubt the longevity of their new partnership.
  15. GJB

    GJB Well-Known Member

    I saw a video of Karina speaking and she mentioned something like "not getting any younger" so I'm guessing they'll do shows for a little while and then that's it. I'd like to see them come back and compete but I doubt it.
  16. hathor

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  17. Mr 4 styles

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    It's just shows. when dwts is off
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