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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by pygmalion, May 8, 2006.

  1. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I know this is sacrilege. :oops: But have you considered getting some rest?
  2. PasoDancer

    PasoDancer New Member

    Rest? Yeah- I got that earlier today... in restaurants, there are rooms reserved for it! :razz:

    (I will... just as soon as I overcome my own personal torment that's a long and complicated story :eyeroll:)
  3. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    fascination will be jealous. Got to dance with Ranier tonight, quite fun!!
  4. PasoDancer

    PasoDancer New Member

    Holy cats, what a kick-knat night! I was already hopped-up on Monster Khaos (I love the squishy, fruity stuff at the bottom of the can) and six shots of espresso, so we did five quicksteps at our dance party tonight. Everyone else just sat down and shook their heads like we were out of our minds. Gods, I LOVE quickstep for right now! I'm not saying I always will, because I know it'll get more challenging, but WOW, it's just this sense of accomplishment and giddy "WEEEEEE!" when people start keeping time with the music by clapping, and you're going and can't stop for the life of you, and you're doing all this while all the others who actually WANTED the class took quickstep, then said "this sucks" and quit, leaving just us, ROFL.

    Perfect night. So awesome. I'd just done a quickstep, then they called for the foxtrot mixer, and I was still so jittery and revved-up like a 5-gaiter, that I accidentally dragged my teacher's husband halfway through the mixer before he grinned and said "Now, hold on, little lady, I can't have you leadin' me around like this- I gotta be the one to do it!" (He's kentuckian and an adorably sweet gentleman), but we did a cha-cha later that was just fine.

    What's awful was that my body got tired and quit before the rest of me did. I was dog tired and then they played my favorite quickstep song. I perked up enough for that and six other dances, and then we both at the same time said "Geez, that's it- I gotta go get a waffle now!" and it was 11:30, LOL.

    I had an awesome skirt and blouse that finally fit really neat- all swishy and all, and for once my stupid bangs didn't do anything embarassing.

    Although- when I went to have a pee, I sat down, spat my gum into a fold of toilet paper. I .. well, wiped... and then, I thought... "Hey- didn't I just have g... Oh, gosh darnit!..." But hey- no worries... everything came out juuuust fine.

    Now the balls of my feet and those tendons on my left foot are smarting really bad. Time to go wrap it up and chill out.

    WEEEE! I love danceglow.
  5. PasoDancer

    PasoDancer New Member

    If I could change my login name, I so would. I don't know what it'd be, but it should be zingier than pasodancer. Yep, definitely. I dunno what though.

    Geez, I need a tranquilizer.
  6. PasoDancer

    PasoDancer New Member

    I have to figure out like three moves I was led into tonight. We did them really well, which always surprises me. How is it that someone with no previous experience with an element can DO the element, and then not get back into it with the regular partner during the "No- here's what he did- and then- no, wait... " session?

    Why am I still up and still nervy after a neurontin AND a hot earl grey?

    I can't wind down. I want the next sixteen hours to go by really fast so I can go dancing again! I'm scared if I sleep, I ... might miss it... or something... yeech... no more energy drinks before or after espresso for me.
  7. terremoto

    terremoto New Member

    I showed up at the usual friday night venue and there wasn't any salsa - only hip hop :( talk about a bad start of a friday night. But I called up a couple of friends and we all met at a different place. A handful of good dancers showed up. I didn't dance a lot, but I still had a good time. I had forgotten what it was like to just sit in a club and enjoy the music and atmosphere and actually have a drink (I hardly ever drink when I dance because it messes with my equilibrium). So it wasn't a great dance night, but I still had a good time!!
  8. luh

    luh Active Member

    funny thing happend on thursday on my way from one dance studio to the other. just walking out of the door with a friend, when i see a woman coming in - my thoughts were "wow, nice looking" - and she said hi. - i guess having nice thoughts gets you further ;)

    --- later my friend reminded me who it was and how i knew her :| - oh well. :D
  9. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    crappy...just found out we're not doing a comp in two weeks....and my practices have been going better than they have since I can even remember...oh well...also our studio is selling to a franchise so there is some real mayhem going on...nuf said
  10. PasoDancer

    PasoDancer New Member

    Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. I very nearly busted my @$$ once, though- I came out of a travelling sweetheart with a double turn- and the lead's foot was there- he hadn't thought to move it! It was just plain in the wrong place- I hit it and stumbled big- but recovered. It was scary.

    Then I turned around and at the end of a cha-cha, my lead (my teacher's husband- I hope he doesn't tell her what a moron I am- although I don't think he would, but it would definitely be warranted) set me up for a dip- but my stupid foot- I don't know why I didn't put it in the right place- but that heel went right down on the top of his foot. I was quick, and pulled it before it "stuck him good", but I can't imagine it being fun.

    This is a really good ballroom club we've found. Freddie's of Paducah is awesome. He's energetic, fun, motivated, and he doesn't play politics and "inter-studio bullsh!t" the way others do. The club is clean, smoke/alcohol free, no kids, no two-steppers, but he plays music of all kinds and it's a lot of fun. As soon as he starts up group lessons, we're switching to there, and we're keeping our private lessons with the teacher we have now.

    I can be dog, dead tired, but when Freddie asks for a triple-time, of all dances, it's like "WEE! YEAH!". I don't care how badly I screw up- it's always fun, it's always positive, they're always kind people. We're fortunate to have an area of "good ballroom", even if it an infantesimal microcosm. The three studios, while they don't exactly hold hands under a rainbow are at least cordial to each other (We personally get along really well with at least one other studio- the other studio in the triangle's too far away for us to visit, and to be fair, they WERE snotty). We can pretty much go from place to place, and we have some really nice people we chat with and I'd consider friends, so it works out.

    I do wish everyone would get along here though. It's awkward sometimes. I mean- it isn't "our fight"- we're just dumb newbies looking for places to dance and friends to dance with. It honestly does seem to be improving though. I'm really glad about that. It's just more folks to dance with, more places to go, and now, you see "Hey- those are dancers!" popping out of the woodwork at grocery stores, the mall, etc. that you ddin't notice before! :lol:
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    That's a cool feeling, isn't it? :)
  12. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    Sat was pretty good, went ot the monhly USADA dance in Atlanta, had some especially fun and at times HILARIOUS dances with one Judy Zwick :mrgreen: It's so refreshing to dance with someone that has THAT MUCH personality, an accomplished pro and yet so humble approachable and fun.

    And an extra special thanks to WOOH for a VERY fun swing!
  13. PasoDancer

    PasoDancer New Member

    oops- my smiley didn't work to reflect closure to a great dance weekend. Here: :lol:
  14. jenn

    jenn New Member

    we had the l.a. salsa congress here just over a week ago and i decided to skip it this year...just wasnt in a congress mood, i suppose, but i got the itch back last thursday and decided to check out this new club's grand opening. i had a blast. after a 3 week salsa hiatus, it felt great! so...i was out again friday night. skipped saturdat and went to a puerto rican festival yesterday. i danced my butt off!!!!

    i had the best dance weekend i could remember in a longggg time~!
  15. luh

    luh Active Member

    just had my first private this afternoon. awesome. :D:D:D:D

    yesterday there was a workshop - "creating new moves" also very fun.
  16. ssjss

    ssjss New Member

    Traveled to a different city just for the Milonga. It turned out to be a very nice time. It refreshing to dance with a totally new crowd.
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    kinda of sad...end of an era so to speak
  18. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    End of independence?
  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    yep...and the beginning of a whole new way of defining it....gulp....gonna be practicing in a lot of garages and dining rooms for a while....and spending a buttload of time on the expressway
  20. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Down to Binghamton for Saturday night dance. Not bad...concrete was smooth...but not going down there often because of the floor.

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