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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Me, Aug 2, 2007.

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    Because the tango in that clip was utterly dreadful. Maybe they were rank beginners doing an exhibition throwing in some show moves to make it exciting but it was not an example of tango that would make me want to learn. I didn't think much of the sytycd one either. It wasn't tango it was "show dance" it looked like something Arlene Phillips would come up with on top of the pops if gotan couldn't provide a video. Which is fine if you say: this is a show dance inspired by argentine tango. I don't want my mates to think i go out of a friday night dressed in F Me boots and a bra doing acrobatics and poses. They already think that tango is lame.
  2. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    First paragraph --A.P. is to Partnership dances, what Orson Welles was to Pole vaulting !!

    Point well made !!
  3. Dave Bailey

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    Which post? The intent of my posts should be clear, I can't speak for the intent of this thread. If it has one :)

    Really? Isn't that "wow factor" the entire raison d'etre for the Show Tango style?

    And I'm sorry, but as I said right at the start of this thread, that's not "Tango with some minor deviations from pure style" (whatever that is) - that dance just is not Tango, it's free dance with a few AT moves thrown in occasionally.

    Well, sure - there may well have been valid reasons for the choice. Doesn't mean it's right to call it AT.
  4. Dave Bailey

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    [SIZE=-1]Assuming the couple is Jonatha Casarin & Raika Crepaldi (seems a safe bet), then they come from Italy, and it looks like they are indeed primarily salsa people (from looking at http://www.jonathaeraika.com/ )[/SIZE]

    It also looks like they also do AT, of course, but their primary focus does seem to be salsa teaching and shows.
  5. Angel HI

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  6. Me

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    Hi barrefly and welcome to the DF. :)

    I was the person who started this particular thread, so I wanted to explain myself.

    This dance is, very simply, not, Argentine tango. I do not know what Alex's intent was, but the end product was a 'sexy' theatre arts piece, with some tango tricks thrown in, and it was called Argentine Tango. It smacks of virtually every stereotype that Argentines either laugh at or find offensive. (Yes, this routine came complete with fan and rose... and underwear... and storm trooper boots...) The end result was a train wreck that gave Danny ample opportunity to show-out and gave Sara the boot. I am sorry if you disagree with my opinion of this piece, as you seem to know Alex on a personal level, but I am a dancer who does not know Alex, and as a member of a viewing audience it is my role to view something and to form an opinion. Based on what I saw that night, I believe Alex failed to provide a stimulating Argentine Tango piece (something that is very possible to do) and also that he failed to provide his dancers something that would keep them both on the show. This causes me to question why he is on the show representing AT.

    To agree with your statement would be to say that if Alex cannot do this, then such a task is virtually impossible for others. I disagree completely. Many qualified people around the world are capable of choreographing stage tango, or fantasia. This would be perfectly appropriate for television.

    Again, I believe to blame the dance and not the choreographer is the wrong approach.

    Anyway, I do hope you return to post more about this, and about other things related to dance.
  7. barrefly

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    5th try to post....I hope I did not get kicked off.

    and for the 5th time....Angel Hi, I am not sure what you wanted me to respond to.

    In my last "attempt" to post, I linked a utube clip of show tango...(1st clip to pop up).
    The clip demonstrated how much the 2 routines (Alex's) had in common, including the boots. I viewed many others clips and did not think they where many that were much better.
    I am thinking that as experts...you all have a strong subjective opinion about the routine. I, as a novice,..liked the routine...(score 7 of 10) and I think I am in the norm for the viewing audience. This routine was not the only routine that gave way to Danny's "toure de force" turns. (just about all the routines he's done, has).
    SYTYCD is not a real dance competition and not worth getting bent out about regarding a choreographer. Therefore, I will leave you all with your opinions.
    (I just hate to see Alex talked about in such a way...I'll get over it).

    I hope you all welcome me to the AT forum, and not take my SYTYCD ramblings too seriously. I have a lot of questions related to my daughter's dance and hope that some here will be kind enough to offer their advice.
    We are from So. Cal....so references regarding intructors/schools (AT) are very much welcomed.
    P.M.s also welcomed.
  8. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    No matter.

    The question/objection was never whether the routine was likable or not...a matter of opinion, as you said. The point of the OP was/is that it should not have been called AT. The general public doesn't really know what AT is, and might have left the show thinking it is that travesty. Simply Come Dancing, the British parent show of DWTS consistently shows great AT. The OP's point...why can't we on either DWTS or SYTYCD?

    Two of the best sources for tango in So. Cal. are:
    http://www.tangoafficionado.com/index.htm and

    And, welcome to the DF...glad you're here.
  9. Dave Bailey

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    We had a "Eurovision dance contest" over here on Saturday. And yes, it was pretty horrible, but I looked up the dance definitions out of curiosity, and I saw this definition of AT.

    Now, obviously, any definition can be quibbled about, but to me, this one is much clearer and better than the one at the start of the thread. If these guys can do it, why can't SYTYCD?
  10. spectator

    spectator Member

    because in general the BBC and the rest of Eurovision don't assume that their audiences are a bunch of thickos.
  11. Dave Bailey

    Dave Bailey New Member

    Well I dunno - Eurovision's about as dumb as you can get and still have a pulse.
  12. spectator

    spectator Member

    Eurovision is a kind of europe wide tv networks collaboration, their song contest and dance thing are a bit of kitsch fun-it's supposed to be daft, but they never patronise their audience.
  13. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    The OP's point, and others', exactly.
  14. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    Angel Hi,
    Thankyou so much for your links. One company that stood out was Otero Dance Company. Have you seen them perform,..are they any good? We know one of the dancers and he is the nicest people (and very talented). They are also close to us.
    My daughter I believe, has also taken a few classes from the Oteros, when they guest taught at another studio and they may remember her.
  15. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I have been travelling (coaching AT). I do not know the Osterso, unfortunately. Glad to help however I can.
  16. vpxg0tryc

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    I understand if you are interested in an AT routine for your daughter and can't find another instructor nearby. But if you could, please save yourself from the "acrobatic tango" of Silva.

    I'm an AT dancer, I worked with Liz Lira (who claims to be a world renown AT dancer too. what is up with these salsa people claiming their knowledge of AT???!) As you all know, Liz was Silva's former partner for the Mayan championship. She throws in all these salsa, acrobatic, ballet moves into her tango that changes the dance entirely. These people are great dancers, but seriously.. they need to draw the line somewhere.. Have some respect for AT. I partnered with her for an AT show at a small venue. She had it taped. When I watched it 3 days later, I vowed to never EVER tango with her again.. I'm sure other AT people around Silva would feel the same. "The human Pretzel" is NOT something AT dancers would do.. Silva needs to stick to latin ballroom.

    Here's a piece of AT tango that Silva choreographed for Sara and Danny on SYTYCD. Too bad the judges don't know AT enough to critique appropriately. If any of you know anything about AT, you'll know that even in show tango they wouldn't do that. I'm involved in the LA AT community and the most qualified instructors are Sergei Tumas, Hugo/Miriam, and David Chiu (Vladimir Estrin is not bad either, he learned a deal from Sergei Tumas).

    If anyone here knows who I can contact on the show to get Silva to STOP choreography AT routines, please email me directly.

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