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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by Beto, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    SPOILERS for tonight's episode.


    There really isn’t a lot of information under this cut, but we thought we’d share it anyways!
    Status: Super duper incomplete!

    General spoilers:
    - Louis van Amstel has two pieces this week.
    - Dmitry Chaplin (S2) choreographed a rumba this week.
    Robert & Allison – Contemporary – Travis Wall
    Robert & Ashley
    Kent & Neil – Jazz or Broadway – Tyce Diorio
    Kent & Adéchiké
    Jose & Courtney – Broadway – Joey Dowling
    Jose & Dominic – Hip Hop – NappyTabs
  2. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    I'm going to have to go back and watch the show....I only saw one Louis number and no rumba....must've missed something (I did record it and watch it after the fact, so maybe I accidentally fast-forwarded thru something? hmmm)

    Loved Robert and Allison doing Travis's routine which was a tribute to his mom. Allison is a fabulous dancer and Travis is a great choreographer. Also liked the Mandy Moore piece that was described as happy/quirky (the one about the shoes). Other than that, nothing else stood out for me.
  3. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Based on the preview, things were beginning to look quite repetitive.
    After a recent trip to Hawaii it was r e f r e s h i n g to see Tahitian dance!
    It was also r e f r e s h i n g to hear Nigel say he didn't know anything about it.

    (Odd that the filters would asterick r e f r e s h i n g!)
  4. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    IMHO... either chike or jose should leave tonight... lessee what happens...
  5. I thought Achédiké (?) held his own in his salsa with Anya. I was actually quite surprised that he did as well as he did. This was a very difficult routine (LA competition style), especially for someone who has not danced salsa before. Well, salsa is definitely not Anya's style, either, that was obvious, Christina or Jeannette woudl have looked better in this routine, although I LOVE Anya! I never like the salsa or mambo routines on SYTYCD or DWTS but thought that this one was one of the better ones. Looked like Anya had a hard landing on her butt, though... All those acrobatics with someone who is a salsa beginner must have scared her...

    Loved the Eddie Palmieri song!!!

    I enjoyed the Tahitian routine, especially Marc. He is one of my favorite All Stars!!! Also enjoyed Billy's jive but cannot judge if it was danced well technically.

    Missed Alex!!!!
  6. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    i agree, i think chike had his best night of dancing to date last night. i don't generally care for anya, tho. she just tends to look so... sloppy... to me. her legs... like there's a disconnect or a heaviness. at least when she's doing latin.

    but that salsa choreo was crayzee!
  7. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Loved Robert & Allison's routine last night. Also liked Kent & Neil's.

    Regarding the salsa, eh. You can't teach a good basic step and competition level salsa to an absolute beginner in 5 hours of training. It was rushed and choppy.

    If Ashley can dance her solo tonight then I think Jose will be going home. Him or Adechike.

    TVGuide posted an article about Jose and the judges' favoritism. For the first time, I'm seriously annoyed by something that Adam Shankman said as it's the complete opposite of what SYTYCD is supposed to be.
  8. Yanou

    Yanou Member

    What did Adam say? I ff'ed judge's comments....
  9. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    He didn't say it on the show. His comments are in the TVGuide link above.
  10. TAK

    TAK Member

    I actually agree with the TVGuide commenter who said that the b-boy thing may have backfired if viewers are comparing Jose to Dominic. I wasn't really impressed with either of his routines last night. I have definitely been impressed with him this season, and I'm glad they chose him as a finalist, but at this point it wouldn't be right for him to stay any longer. (Assuming Ashley does not have to drop out tonight...)
  11. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    The tahitian dance was very neat (and I do love watching Mark dance). It just seems silly to put something on that they dont even know enough about to critique, but then again that would fit so many of the genres they feature on the show anyway that they pretend to know about but know very little. I guess at least he was honest vs pretending to know about techinique in ballroom and bollywood! lol.

    samina: Her technique and style might not be great or be lacking something, idk, but I think what I like about Anya is that she is not tee-tiny but she is always super hot when she dances and always either intimidates the guys or makes them look like little boys. Things I could never do and thus from me she requires quite a bit of admiration. lol!
  12. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Major crush on Anya.
    She reminds me of someone I dance with, mostly the
    part, but some of the rest of it, too.
  13. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    Anya just smolders. Which works for latin. For salsa, I guess I always see it as a fast and flirty, cute kind of sexy. Anya is that "take no prisoners" kind of sexy. So it wasn't quite right. Got to hand it to her though, those tricks with a partner you don't really know, SCARY. Was it just me or did it look like she had some serious bruises on her knees? Girl's taking a beating!
    Would be curious to know when/where the Ashley injury happened. Anyone seen a report of what happened? It wasn't during disco practice was it?
    It's actually starting to really bother me, all the REALLY dangerous lifts they subject these girls too. It's one thing when you've got time to practice, but this show just moves too fast for this kind of stuff.

    Anp, it looks like Ashley was supposed to dance with Pasha, so that was probably the Dmitry rumba. The way the girls have dropped like flies, the all-star guys are getting almost no work at all.
  14. BrownSkin818

    BrownSkin818 New Member

    I really like Anya, but I thought she looked horrible with that salsa. Funny how I don't expect salsa dancers to do ballroom well, but I do expect ballroomers to do salsa well. Just goes to further show how disparate the styles are.
  15. Ithink

    Ithink Active Member

    Even though I also really like Anya, I have to agree: both her and Adechike looked really off... But, unlike you, I don't expect ballroomers to do salsa well:)

    In general, I amreally sick of the fact that my favorites keep getting injured. I was rooting for Alex to win it all. Then when he got injured, I thought Ashely was the best and my favorite to win. Now, I really, really hope Robert doesn't get injured. He's my top dancer now.
  16. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    Well that stinks. I would have loved to have seen Pasha do a rumba. :raisebro:

    Yes I know we are supposed to be watching the contestants but seriously if its Pasha or Anya I just cant!
  17. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    I wasn't a huge Ashley fan, but considering your history and that Robert has become my favorite (Adechike a close second) since Alex left, I beg of you: STOP LIKING ROBERT!! :p

    (It reminds me of how we jinx our favorite sports teams. If they score while we're in the kitchen, we feel like we have to stay in the kitchen. My mom and sister had partial season tickets to Texas Rangers games for the last few years, and apparently this year, now that they didn't get the tickets, the Rangers are doing better. So we're telling them they aren't allowed to go to any Rangers games ever again!)
  18. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Having known some ballroomers who have transitioned to salsa, I agree. Takes a while to undo all that ballroom training and pick up the relaxed frame for salsa. :D

    DITTO!!! At this point I only have Robert left to root for as I've liked him since the beginning and was always worried when he hit the bottom 3. He can *not* get injured and I want him in the finals.
  19. chica latina

    chica latina New Member

    I hope the choreographers stop just showing flashy stuff & tricks and start showing more pure dancing and prevent injuries.. I'm a fan of simple routines with stories behind it and some time for dancers to get to character or share their personality.

    I dont have a favorite since Alex left, but think Jose should leave next.
  20. Okay finalllyyyy caught up with all the episodes! It's sad to hear about Ashley too and crazy that the dancers keep getting injured to the point where they can't continue.

    I find one thing strange tho - While I'm a huge Alex fan and definitely want to see him next season. How come he can re-audition but Ashley can't? They were like, you've been picked to be on the tour, etc etc to Ashley, which means obviously, she'll be on the tour but if she's on the tour that means, she can't reaudition right? How does this all work?

    Also, I don't know how everyone feels about the new format but personally I REALLY REALLY like it. I didn't think I would but after watching it, I realized that it's not meant to be in a Pro-Am format but more of a Pro-and hopefully Pro format. I think having the All Stars dancing next to them really forces each dancer to step up their game and push them to look like Pros. And it sucks that each week they have new partners and will have to "develop chemistry" with them so quickly but in reality, that's how it is. When you get a gig to dance in smth., you don't know who you will be paired up with. I also like that a few weeks into the show, they still forced the competitors to partner up with each other. I like that we still get to compare the dancers side by side.

    I'm okay to see Adechike and Jose go...I like the rest.

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