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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Albanaich, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. DL

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    I just mean to say that I don't think we know enough here to suggest that a teacher didn't do a good job. Except in egregious cases I think it's very difficult to assess who did what kind of job in a teaching/learning relationship without having been there to observe it in person (and often it's difficult even then). I'm trying to speak very generally and do not mean to imply anything beyond a personal view that it seems tough to make a strong characterization about a teacher here.
  2. DancingMommy

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    That's true, but there's definitely a sense that one can tell a bit about the teacher by watching the student. I've taught a lot of lessons and watched a lot of teachers of varying styles. The great teachers always gave their students *something* pleasant to take away from their lessons - even if it was something to strive for. I contend that if all one takes away from a lesson is that it [the material] sucks and is really boring, then the teacher did not do their job well. In the interest of full disclosure, I apply that to myself as well, so it's not a matter of armchair quarterbacking or snarking.
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    While a good goal, I think it's like that whole, "A good lead can lead anybody." There are certain people you aren't going to be able to reach, no matter what you do.
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    There are definitely teachers and students who just don't mesh. Whether it's dance, math, or history of religion (think that's what class was. s omething in religion dept anyway. and he ran away to another state before finals were over. :p )
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    Agreed. I've met one so far. But even then, I believe that given enough time and a different approach...
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    My very first dance teacher had a story about one student he had (the guy of a couple who came to learn a wedding dance) who felt he just could.not.teach. He said he tried everything he knew to get the message across, and nothing worked. My teacher was about ready to just give up, refund their money, and suggest that they find another teacher who could (perhaps) transmit the information better.

    At the end of a lesson, which again accomplished nothing, they just got to talking and teacher found out that the guy was a drummer. Well, my teacher plays and understands music well. So, I guess my teacher decided to approach things from a musical standpoint--talking about things like a musician would talk about music. ...and the guy got it, quickly and easily. But it was just one of those things, where if they hadn't been chatting, he never would have found the way to relate to this student and wouldn't have found the way of communicating that the student could understand.

    I think about that from time to time. As well as my mother's contention that everyone can hear the beat, and understand music...but that they might not know what to listen for...but they still can find the beat and groove if they let their brain get out of the way.
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    (edit to add: certainly not to diminish the value of motherly wisdom, but...)

    Well, and for that matter:


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