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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by dancersdreamland, May 12, 2005.

  1. Medira

    Medira New Member

    Yeah, I didn't really care for their VW. They did really well for only having a few days to learn it, but it just didn't do anything for me...

    I thoroughly enjoyed the paso! Melissa is certainly becoming quite the ballroom dancer as a result of this. :p I thought it was quite well done.

    Oooh, this was a fun number! I was disappointed that the mount for the lift transition at the end wasn't smooth (it looked like he benched her a good portion of the way) but the energy and attitude throughout the routine was just fabulous!

    I really wasn't feeling their performance. I was impressed with how Snow broke out of the ballroom posture and frame for it, but it just didn't work for me.

    On a side note, I got quite a kick out of Snow's hair. The spikes were hilarious! I also wonder how Ryan managed to get his to bounce back into place after having Snow on his head...

    This was a fun number that had a fair bit of potential...a little too rigid for my liking though. They really needed to relax with it more.

    This was a sad performance...Melody couldn't have picked a worse style given the partner she was paired with. She danced beautifuly, but he just couldn't pull it off in the amount of time they had. I applaud him for doing as well as he did with it, all things considered, but it just was not a good performance.
  2. Angelo

    Angelo Member

    Yeah, they weren't spectacular, but I felt Blake and Ashle or Jamail and Destini should have been in the bottom two couples instead of them.
  3. Medira

    Medira New Member

    I would have put Jamail and Destini in the bottom two...the only reason I can see for Ryan and Snow to be in the bottom two would be if their timing problem at the end of the routine was worse than it looked on camera. I mean, you could tell it was there, but because of the camera angles and switching, it didn't look too pronounced.
  4. wyllo

    wyllo New Member

    The camera work during Snow and Ryan's performance was really annoying. They kept focusing on one or the other but not both. I agree, though, that whatever problems they had with timing, their performance was still better than the V. Waltz. The judges seem to be giving way too much leniency on some of the partner dances. Yes, I know they just learned it, but they didn't cut Artem any slack during his lyrical performance. jeesh.

    Something about the rock & roll performance just seemed odd to me. I'm not sure what it was, but it just didn't work for me.

    Also, was it just me, or did the choreography this week seemed a bit heavy on lifts to the detriment of the dancing?
  5. Medira

    Medira New Member

    YES! ...and, in quite a few cases, they were lifts that weren't executed very well, which made it worse.
  6. musicchica86

    musicchica86 Active Member

    I think the reason is they seem to be so lenient with the partner dances is because the only judge/choreographer that truly understands them is Mary. And is it me, or is even she being really easy on them? What happened to those blunt yet truthful comments we've all come to know and love?

    Yeah I didn't like it either. Probably had something to do with the fact that it was Blake and Ashli. I don't particularly like either one of them (okay, I REALLY don't like Blake), but it seemed like they were trying to overdo the attitude. At least that's the best way I can explain it.

    I could agree with the comments about the lifts. Especially with Ryan and Snow--and I definitely want to know the secret of getting those spikes to bounce back!
  7. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    I think the X factor to the judges critique is overall interpretation and performance level more than technique most of the time. And, I think they have done a decent job so far for the most part. When people have danced as long as they have or have been in the entertainment arena as long as they have, I think they're eyes and criteria for what a good performance is different than a regular dancers per se. Especially, when critiquing for a TV show, they're looking for that pizazz, that umph that makes the dancer stand out or special in a particular performance along with greatness and uniqueness, i.e. Ryan when interpreting the Mambo in a previous show. He doesn't necessarily have the technique, but his performance was so high that it outweighed what was lacking and he raised the bar for everyone throughout the show.

    But, along the same lines, there were performances I really didn't care for and didn't like and the judges gave it a rave critique last night, i.e. Blake and Ashle. I was surprised by the ballroom choreographer's comments as well. I thought she would say something more critical, but then again I think it was the X factor as above. Their performance level was great. They knew how to interpret the dance extremely well.

    I thought Jamail and Destini's performance although a little choppy was great. They looked beautiful together. I agreed with the judges.

    I couldn't handle watching the disco hustle, ugh, I don't like that era nor the dance, but Nick and Camilla did a great job in their performance level and interpretation.

    Alan and Melodies performance was awkward. Melody was beautiful and I am more impressed with her now. Her lines were beautiful and flawless. Poor Melody, it's too bad they were in the bottom two, but it was fair considering Allan's performance. Melody's solo was beautiful.

    Snow and Ryan's performance was awful. Snow's interpretation was terrible and Ryan's I can't say much for either. They belonged in the bottom two. Ryan's solo was incredible! He had the whole place and the judges on their feet and I was filled with enthusiasm, excitement and inspiration as well. He truly is a great performer!
  8. dancergal

    dancergal New Member

    Good Summary!

    So who do you think will get booted next week?



    I like them all. It would be hard to pick.
  9. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    It's getting harder and harder to choose now. They all have their own special qualities that make them great. I couldn't vote this week. But, I have a suspicion it would be Alan and Snow because they were not as strong in the partnering nor solo performances compared to Melody and Ryan. It would be sad to see anyone go. I was, already, so emotional seeing Michelle and Craig go and they are not even my favorites.
  10. Porfirio Landeros

    Porfirio Landeros New Member

    I think the choice between the boys is such a toss up for next week, since Alan continues to get the cuddly/personality votes, yet Ryan obviously had the most convincing solo out of the bunch. If there's anyone who has a shot at taking Big Poppa out, it's Ryan, but only the votes will tell.

    It's interesting to remember that the partner-dance judges did not want Alan in the 16, so if anyone gets disappointed with the lack of dancing ability at this stage, we know where to point fingers. Alex and Mary seemed to know that Alan would have a VERY tough time outside his specialty, and even within his specialty, he seems less convincing to me than the others.
  11. Wildon

    Wildon New Member

    Snow has definitely been getting screwed. What is this the 3 out of 4 weeks she has gotten hip hop. You must remember, she is at the mercy of her partner. And up to this point they have all been pretty bad. She is being drawn into the bottom by the poor performances of the boys she haas drawn. Too bad she has never gotten Latin, or Jive, VW, Disco or been partnered with Artem, who should win the whole thing.

    When she did get Quick Step they said she was exquisite, but stll wound up in the bottom 3 because of her "pop and lock boy" who had no clue of partnering.
  12. DancingMommy

    DancingMommy Active Member

    I think Alan will go. I'm hoping Melody will go. I don't care much for her (personal) style of dancing (as opposed to her specialty).
  13. Angelo

    Angelo Member

    I am starting to agree with this, and not entirely because of my dancesport bias. The main challengers I think will be Nick and Kamilah.
  14. dancergal

    dancergal New Member

    Alan is quite popular with his teddy bear personality, so he might win the popular vote even if he's not the best dancer. Snow is also more popular than Melody I think. She's more showy and has a funky look to her.

    Lots of kids vote based on who they like and not who is the better dancer.
  15. DancingMommy

    DancingMommy Active Member

    Well then, peeps, we have to storm the phone lines...... I voteed over and over for Snow and ALWAYS got through.... Ryan's line was busy though....
  16. wyllo

    wyllo New Member

    I think Alan will go. He seems like a wonderful person and I'm glad he made it this far, but he is not adjusting very well to multiple dance styles. I'm up in the air as far as Melody and Snow. I really enjoy watching both of them dance.
  17. musicchica86

    musicchica86 Active Member

    That is one of the major, major flaws of this show--picking the bottom 4 or 6 based on partners. I don't think Melody or Snow would have been in the bottom 4 this week if it hadn't been for their partners. (Well, in Snow's case, because of a horrible routine--again, not her fault, that was all the choreographer) I mean, she had to pull herself out of the bottom last week after doing a quickstep for crying out loud! It's not fair to punish someone because of the luck of the draw, which partner they drew out of the hat. When they pick the bottom 4, they need to do it individually, not by couple.
  18. BrookeErin

    BrookeErin New Member

    I've known people who have done similar things with their hair.... They now make different hair products, but everyone I have known who does such things used a mixture of elmer glue and hair gel. Let's just say it's strong stuff. I'm not at all surprised that it "bounces back". It may be dried into that position. I was impressed at how well Snow's hair stayed.

    Loved Artem. Melody was also great. I really hope she stays. Her solo was better than Snow's as well this week. I'm betting Ryan will stay. I would have put a different two girls at the bottom, but I think of all the performances Snow and Ryan's was the lowest.
  19. swan

    swan Member

    I personally prefer Snow to Melody, not because of my bias toward ballroom people! To me, I watched Melody's solo, I felt very little emotions (it looked like more acting out than 'real'). It's nice techniques, leg lifts this & that. didn't do much for me. Snow's solo wasn't that great either this week - liked her last week's solo much better. But overall, I felt more dancing in Snow than Melody...Just personal opinion.

    I'd put that Rock & Roll girl at the bottom 4, along w/ either Destiny or Melody actually.

    Snow could have easily been one of the top 2 gals!

    Agreed...This show needs to work out its scoring kinks just like "Dancing w/ Stars"!

    How come they knew how to figure out American Idol voting scheme & not this one? It's about picking A dancer, not a partnership & how can even one judge the dancing based on a partnership that's first 'out of their own style' and second 'few days' in duration? Seems more 'luck' to me than anything!
  20. musicchica86

    musicchica86 Active Member

    :evil: Okay, that REALLY pisses me off....and makes me want to cry...... :cry:

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