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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Phil Owl, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    The etiquette question is about saying no to one leader, then accepting from another. Bad form, might give me a bad reputation.

    Employing the right hook is also bad form, or so I'm told. :???:
  2. Zhena

    Zhena Well-Known Member

    This weekend DH and I attended a folkdance festival: parties on Friday and Saturday evenings and a workshop on Saturday afternoon. As usual, we really enjoyed seeing people from outside the local area.

    The exhibition on Saturday evening was Salsa Rueda. The group first did one song straight. I've done enough Rueda to recognize that it was unchoreographed ... they were dancing as they would socially. Then they pulled members of the audience in, mostly as followers (I think they recognized one or two men who were familiar with the dance and pulled them in too). They made sure to bring in the women from a group of younger dancers who were visiting. The women from the original group who could lead switched roles, and they did another song ... and it worked beautifully.

    The young dancers may have been college age ... I can't tell any more. Apparently they've been working on a dance I remember my parents doing when I was young. It has fallen out of the repertoire, at least in the groups I dance with, so I haven't seen it in years. (I think the reason it's not taught much is because the choreography is long and each figure is done only a couple of times ... too much to remember.) So most people from my generation never learned it, and the only people dancing it were from my parents' generation and from my children's generation. It was great to see the energy of the youngsters, but I have to say the oldsters weren't THAT far behind, and they know how to pace themselves!

    I found a video of the dance on youtube ... same choreography ( Our oldersters danced it with a bit less energy than in the video, the youngsters with a bit more energy, but generally comparable. Not all the oldsters did the lifts at 0:38, 0:56, and 2:48, but the youngsters gave them a real swing (it's supposed to be across the line of dance). There's a move at 2:02 and 2:12 that's interesting, but I have to say the women in the video give it more oomph than I've ever seen in real life! Our oldsters kept up pretty well with the youngsters (and the video) in the move at 2:51, 2:56 and 3:01 ... I didn't see anyone faking it.

    The video shows a nice bit of acting from 2:03 to 2:30 ... just one couple that is on the left at the beginning of the sequence ... I didn't notice it the first time I watched ....

    This year we stayed to the end of the cleanup after the Saturday party ... I hadn't realized the amount of work that has to be done before closing the doors at this venue ... kudos to those who put on events like this.
  3. CANI

    CANI Active Member

    Fabulous time dancing tonight...lots of people...great atmosphere...reconnected with friends and leaders that I hadn't seen in a LONG abundance of wonderful hugs...met some interesting, friendly new people...extremely enjoyable night of dancing -- thoroughly loved every dance I glad that I went...
  4. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Yesterday night, I felt like I was dancing beneath the stars!
  5. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    walked into trophy ball/showcase at studio Friday to find out I was dancing. :p Buddy teacher didn't know either, so was surprise for both of us. Luckily it went alright. :)
  6. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

  7. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    No dancing, but lots of watching; went to a comp and had a blast.
  8. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    I've had TWO amazing weekends of dancing myself, last week @ Atlanta Ballroom Dance Club, hardly sat down the whole night (save for Meringue or V-Waltz). Reconnected with some GREAT partners I hadn't seen in a little while. Previous to this, i had whipped up a bunch of mix CD's to give to women that I've regularly danced with over the 6 years I've been in Atlanta. They were sooooo tickled and appreciative. One of my favorite dances was with this one woman (who earlier in the night did a great Samba exhibition, she is such a sweetheart!) and it was a Hustle that just had me flying with joy. :D

    Last night, lots of great dances occurred, and a couple oddly comical moments, including me getting suckered into a Viennese Waltz, which I am totally inept at, somehow, my partner (who is one of the FUNNIEST people I've ever danced with) was such a good sport and actually got me through it. We also enjoyed some other dances together as well, never a dull moment with this girl I tell ya. :mrgreen:. The other was REALLY wacky, Partner and I start out with what sounds like Salsa at first, but lo and behold, it's a Samba (but we're still managing to do Salsa to it and actually stay on rhythm somehow), Next thing we know, a whole bunch fo Samba line dancers starts advancing towards us at an alarming rate :lol: We laughed it off. . Ahhh, but the best was a woman named Carrie who was one of THE MOST amazing swing and hustle dancers I've encountered to date. ANY dance with her was sheer joy! :D Went home VERY happy I must say. I even got to teach one new dancer some Hustle and basic Foxtrot, she did really well.
  9. Terpsichorean Clod

    Terpsichorean Clod Well-Known Member

    I'm late...

    That was lovely! Thanks for the video and sharing about your experience, Zhena. :)
  10. Terpsichorean Clod

    Terpsichorean Clod Well-Known Member

    Went to a social where the pre-social class had a male/female ratio of 5:3. The social wasn't much different. I don't understand anyone who complains about a lack of guys in ballroom. :razz: I think I mostly followed - hover cross is pretty fun. :grin:
  11. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    my dance weekend was a comp...and it was good
  12. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Any time you want to send me a ticket, I'll come even out your numbers. But you have to promise to lead me in a hover cross. I wuv hover cross.:D
  13. Terpsichorean Clod

    Terpsichorean Clod Well-Known Member

    Yay! But you'll have to pick something else. I've never led a hover cross before. ;)
  14. Nybz

    Nybz New Member

    Ohhh, so much dancing in a months time....

    Thanks for that place TC, Delmonicos was it? lol
  15. Nybz

    Nybz New Member

    I'll join you out there J_alex, I hardly touched the dance scene there on my short visit.
  16. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    By the time I get there, you'll be expert.
  17. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Maybe we can get a group to go? You, me. well, it's a small, but select, group. :cool:
  18. Nybz

    Nybz New Member

    hehe :D
  19. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    I had a really off night last night. Was at the bar waiting for my drink when a regular asked me to dance.. it was a merengue, I was waiting on my drink and I didn't have my shoes on, so I said maybe next one, he never asked me again and I couldn't grab him before someone else did.. Then got asked to dance a chacha with a newer guy who had no clue it wasn't a salsa and it didn't occur to me what was going on til the end of the song. Now I was in a poopy mood and it showed, or at least I felt it did.. start to notice all the hot girls in hot little dresses and then felt really out of it and left after an hour. lol Had a few non-disastrous dances but they weren't anything to write home about.
  20. gracie

    gracie Active Member

    Great fun at our studio last pm. We had a special guest - Denny Terrio! He is still very handsome, by the way.

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