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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Phil Owl, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    My usual Saturday night salsa place was the busiest I've ever seen it. I am beginning to notice newbies do not ask me to dance. Despite the overabundance of partners, I only danced with maybe 8 guys whom I'd danced with before. And despite the limited number of people willing to ask me, I had to literally hide in a corner in order to take a break, otherwise, I was being asked by a new partner each time a new song started. It's fun but its exhausting. I always try to make it til closing time but leave an hour and some change before that. I get too tired. My last two dances were fast salsas but very good ones and I felt like I was sleep walking to my car, lucky there weren't any muggers out, I wasn't alert.
  2. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    Heading out for Atlanta Metro Dancesport's monthly soon. Tomorrow I'm checking out a new (for me) venue called Waltz Play ( which should be a fun change of pace. Will report back later
  3. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Not bad. Friday - oasis for Jazz hour, then Latin in Binghamton for a SMAC event. Saturday, yesterday, Latin dance at BRB in Ithaca. That will be it unless I go for the salsa practice at Suds in Syracuse on Monday. (Monday counts as it is Labor day weekend.)
  4. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Who knew there was so much to do in central NY? Next time I'm headed for Syracuse, I'm pm-ing you!
  5. CANI

    CANI Active Member

    Nice! That's quite a lot of dancing!!
  6. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    Saturday's Atlanta Metro Dancesport monthly was VERY enjoyable, tried out a couple new improvised tango moves that actually worked AND experienced for the first time doing tango in close quarters, new for me. The Dj picked some really interesting tunes too, some would catch you off guard and make you think a bit, I LOVED IT!!! (example, one tune sounded like Hustle at first, turned out to be Rumba), :mrgreen:

    Sunday afternoon was my first visit to Waltz Play, and it was a bit different in a very enjoyable way. One curveball for me was getting used to the idea of doing waltz at much faster tempos than I'm used to (it wasn't quite Viennese but got dangerously close). The waltz music was very different too, a lot of old-timey things that featured instrumentation like violin, acoustic guitar, accordion and piano and some flute sometimes. Though mainly Waltz, there was also Cha-Cha, Rumba, Ragtime Tango, Salsa Swing and even a dance called One-Step. Could someone educate me on this One-Step thing a bit?

    All told it was a very friendly crowd and a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon. :D
  7. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Wonderful night out dancing last night.

    It was outdoors, and the weather was PERFECT!!! Could not have gotten any better. A nice tanda, a meh one that put too much strain on my back, some more nice ones.

    A great tanda with the guy who was sitting next to me for a while. (Him: "Why aren't people asking you to dance?" Me: "Don't know. Why are you just sitting there instead of asking me to dance?") Best compliment ever: "I'd rather sit all night and just have one tanda like we're having, than dance all night just to dance." Wow...thank you!

    Saw a friend I haven't seen in ages, danced a couple of sets with him. We danced mostly in open, on account of chatting, which is just easier when you can see the other person. I had the little thought going through the back of my head about how so many AT people mistakenly believe that in open you either follow by being shoved around or by watching the other person. Yeah, this was neither. Simple, easy steps and turns, very soft and gentle, no force whatsoever, and maintaining conversational eye contact the entire time. Yeah, shoving and foot. If that's the perception, people need to get themselves educated. Anyhow.

    Danced a great milonga with a leader I haven't seen or danced with in ages. Started off disastrous, until I realized he was dancing a dotted rhythm that I haven't had anyone lead since I first many years ago. Once I made that connection...ZOMG so amazingly fun and awesome!!!

    ...and then I realized just how much my back was hurting. I hurt it the other day lifting boxes (Note to self: lift with you knees, not with your back.), and then again while swimming. Ow.

    Saw another friend, and danced a set with him, because I can never pass up a set with him. And it was so nice to dance with him again. Unfortunately, after that I was done. Ow. We sat, and chatted for the rest of the evening. Soooo good to reconnect. ;)

    Saw another friend I haven't seen in ages, was good to say hi.

    All in all, a very good evening. Unfortunately, I'm paying the price for it with my back today.
  8. CANI

    CANI Active Member

    What a great dance night, Peaches!!! Sounds so wonderful and to reconnect with friends as well -- nice!
  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member


    (Dare I say it?) You sound ... happy. I'm so glad for you. :)
  10. Yanou

    Yanou Member

    I'm visiting Portland OR and had a good time at a social party last Saturday night. Looks like Portland has a very active dance community and has a good website that lists all dance events/parties. There are a few places hosting parties each night during weekends. That's very very different from where I live.... We usually have USA dance parties twice a month and one studio party (per month) that's open to everyone.

    We (my son and I) were planning to hit 2 places but stayed at one.
  11. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    An enjoyable Friday night social, especially my opening dance was a Rumba with this woman who was just blowaway amazing, passionate, sensual and she definitely had that twirl skirt thing going to boot!:mrgreen:
  12. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    This Sunday afternoon's Waltz Play dance was just THE BEST! I'm starting to be able to keep pace with those faster Waltz tempos, LOVED the music selections and got lots of swing and other dances in too, including a Tango that was so much fun, was VERY blessed to have an incredibly creative and encouraging partner [​IMG]

    Also got in a number of wonderful dances with a lady with a most unusual first name, I kid you not, her first name is actually Allegra. She was indeed very deeply musical, danced like a dream and just such a beautiful, sweet person (and hilarious) to boot. :D
  13. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    GREAT night @ ABDC! A lot of great dances, but the highlight was getting to do a FEROCIOUS high energy Hustle with Vanessa Rogers, that girl can TWIRL like a tornado! I also got to do TWO Foxtrots with her that were soooo much fun, she has this wonderful way of pulling you out of yourself and being creative!

    Learned a new Cha-Cha move tonight and also was able to get a bit more creative with my Foxtrot and Waltz.

    Just wish it didn't go by so fast!
  14. Warren J. Dew

    Warren J. Dew Well-Known Member

    I had an absolutely great time at the MIT team's 20th anniversary dance tonight. A big part of that was that both kids feel asleep half way through, allowing my wife and me to dance with each other and with other people. It was also good seeing some people who had mostly dropped out of the dance scene, but showed up for this event.
  15. CANI

    CANI Active Member

    Congrats!! Sounds like you've been getting in some great social dancing!!:D
  16. CANI

    CANI Active Member

    Very cool! Getting to dance with your wife, getting to dance with others AND reconnecting with folks whom you haven't seen in a while. Very nice!!:banana:
  17. Zhena

    Zhena Well-Known Member

    My dance weekend consisted of a lesson in the afternoon and a party in the evening on Saturday.

    DH had to work on Saturday, so I had to take our private lesson all alone ... boo hoo ... not! We went over the usual basic stuff (contra body, lowering, swing, etc.), but then the teacher started doing other things without warning ... essentially asking me to follow using the basic principles he has been trying to get me to incorporate into my body. So ... yay for progress because he thought I would be ready ... and yay for the times that it worked. We won't talk about where I misunderstood what he was asking me to do. He said we did a "whisk" ... all I know is that I was momentarily where I didn't expect to be, and then I was back at "home" position ... nice! I can't remember what he said the other thing was called. I kinda remember we did similar things back at the chain studio, but now I'm not trying to assign a name to the pattern, I'm just trying to sense where I'm supposed to be. Much harder for me (I'm analytical), but much more fun when it works.

    I have homework ... let's see if I manage to remember often enough to make a difference in the next lesson!

    Then we had a folk dance party. We had dinner with friends before the party, and talked way too long. We got to the party more than an hour late ... and we're usually early enough to help set up. They thought we weren't coming .... oops! So they did a couple of our favorite dances before we got there ... ah well ... there were enough other good dances to fill out the evening, and I appreciated the chance to sit during dances I don't care for.

    The attendance was rather thin, but I enjoyed myself. There were people I didn't even say hello to before they left ... part of the consequences of arriving late ...

    When we decided it was time to go and changed our shoes, we realized the usual clean-up crew wasn't there and asked whether help was needed. As we were packing up the food I heard some of my favorite music playing ... but when I went back to the dance floor to check it out no one was dancing ... the party was over, so we didn't miss the end.

    Back it the day, people would have danced to the bitter end, but now we're closing down before midnight ... we must be getting old ...
  18. CANI

    CANI Active Member

    All in all sounds like a terrific dance weekend!!
  19. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    Thanks CANI, I definitely have, and gotten noticeably thinner in the process, still going! :D
  20. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    Friday was a blast, add to this, the fact that I FINALLY started to get the hang of West Coast Swing, won't be sitting those out anymore! An enjoyable Saturday night and an even better Sunday afternoon, waltzed like a fiend and started to get a bit more creative with the Waltz. And even experienced One-Step, which had me busting up, the music s so much like the typical piano music you would associate with a silent comedy. [​IMG] Got some nice Tango in too. [​IMG]

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