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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by DanceMentor, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. DanceMentor

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    I just wondering if someone can give me a feel for who I was speaking to on the phone. We have an internet customer that needed help with their site, and they put me on conference call. Spoke with them for a minute and then they said let's get "Lord John" (John made up) to talk about his vision for the site. So then I'm listening to a Lord tell me their plan.

    I have to say I have never spoken with a "Lord" nor do I know how to address them. Can I just call him John? Or do I have to say Lord John every time? Is this person likely wealthy, or could they just have a title but otherwise be middle class?
  2. bordertangoman

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    as long as you curtsey, you're okay..;)

    just ask him how he would like to be addressed.

    You'd have to look him up to see if he is proper aristocat..or whether he has received his peerage more recently...


    Lord BTM
  3. Joe

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  4. Mr 4 styles

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    sir john... as in Elton???
  5. danceronice

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    It's hard to go wrong with "sir" (not "Sir First Name", that's a knighthood and if he's an actual hereditary lord that's wrong in most cases.) Whether the person is titled or not.
  6. Joe

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    Well, like I said, depends how you're addressing him. If you're addressing him directly ("How is the telephone connection, sir?"), "sir" works. If referring to him, then "Lord John" should apply ("Can you print the e-mail attachment I sent you and provide it to Lord John?").
  7. danceronice

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    Actually it kind of matters what his ACTUAL title is. Most you're likely to run into where they actually use the title are ones where it's "Lord *Lastname*/Place", not Lord *Firstname.* (Courtesy titles and lesser titles don't get used in public a lot except with one particular family and DM would KNOW if he was talking to one of them... ;) )
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