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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by fascination, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    okay folks I need your help...I loathe swing...I cannot tap into anything about it that suits my personality and I just don't do "little little big" very well , or tuck turns or swivels or,or,or...what do you like about it...and how on earth do ya do that basic for a comp? bleck
  2. hepcat

    hepcat Member

    ECS (or jitterbug) is pretty easy. Beginner swing dancers usually start off with it. I did it exclusively for years. Now I only do it with beginners.

    I'm not sure what you mean by little little big. I assume you mean something like side side back step. None of those steps are big however. They're all directly under you. Typically competitions aren't ECS/jitterbug (except in spirit). They're lindy, bal, shag, or charleston (in that order).

    The two main things that attract me to swing are the music and the connection dynamic. Lindy can be smooth and sexy or drop down energy packed crazy. Balboa is very fast and spinny and has a great on body connection dynamic. It "floats".

    If you already loathe swing, I'm not sure how much effort I should put into this reply, but I'd guess that if you find it boring, you haven't seen it done well or experienced a good connection with a great lead.

    Personally, I can't let a good swing song go by without dancing to it. My legs start moving of their own volition and I start sliding & spinning around and getting antsy.

    Swing dancing is my life. I do Argentine Tango as well (a bit) and other things here and there, but no other music inspires me like swing music.

  3. Diavo

    Diavo New Member

    You have over 4k posts, so which forum for you normally post in (ie, what type of dance is your major)?
    What IS your personality, knowing that can help us help you.
    And why are trying swing if you "loathe" it? If you are a ballroom type, perhaps it's the hoity-toity very of swing you're learning that's the cause for this. Swing originally was about gettin' down with the feeling of the music, not learning & perfecting steps!

    *I* loathe ballroom and have no reason to try it. The only thing that fits my style is the dressing up & looking sharp, but even that I would have to do with tough guy attitude. I won't ever be a ballroom guy. Maybe, it's possible, you won't ever be a swing person.

    Also, I can't dance to slow or medium tempo swing. I can't feel it, it doesn't excite me. I love it fast!

  4. hepcat

    hepcat Member

    I don't think fascination meant anything negative Diavo. I've read a number of her posts and know she's a nice person. I think she's just genuinely curious. I'd have tried to look up some clips for her to watch last night that would characterize what I like about the dance but didn't have the time. Still don't. Maybe later...

  5. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    no i definately dont mean anything negative....I just cant tap into a part of my personality that mixes with it....I suppose the style I am learning is hoity toity to some extent if that is what the ballroom version is....but bottom line is that I am used to great big steps covering great big distances....and I just find the whole swing experience to be awkward....and am wanting to tap into what about it appeals to others
  6. Firsttime Dancer

    Firsttime Dancer New Member

    Hepcat and Diavo - Fascination is a very nice person. She really is fun and very sweet. She also does a MEAN Tango.

    So Fascination, what is it exactly, layman terms please, about swing that you don't like? It is the first dance my dad taught me, hence my joy in it, and I don't do it professionally just for fun.

    But Maybe Hepcat, Diavo and I can help you find the fun in the dance and just like the Tango you will fall in Love with it.
  7. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    There definitly shouldn't be big steps in swing!!

    Is that your one major concern? What about the music, does that have an affect on disconnecting with the dance?

    Since you have a dance background, I'm going to say East Coast Swing is not the swing dance for you to be learning. Learn Lindy Hop or West Coast Swing.

    Lindy and WCS are more suited to the music...why? East Coast Swing is a 6 count dance. Do you know of any 6 count music? Lindy and WCS have 6 count variations, but are also 8-count dances, they moves fit the music much better. The simple aeoral dissonance could be affecting your enjoyment since I'm assuming you already know how to dance with the music from tango.

    Also, rather than ECS or Lindy, I'll suggest learning WCS first. The comment that you do tango leads me to believe you'll find it more enjoyable. The music runs the gamut from blues to contemporary pop. In recent years there's been an influx of tango moves (and some tango music is compatable as well). There's a sultryness and uprightness to WCS that might make the transition from tango easier. No swivels either! From there as you understand and like WCS more it makes the transition to Lindy easier.
  8. Firsttime Dancer

    Firsttime Dancer New Member

    Fascination, My joy/fun with swing in any style is this. It is supposed to be a dance that represents a celebration of life.

    If you do research into the dance, might help don't know, it was the first dance brought to Europe by the US GI's in WW II. It was the "shag/jitterbug" and it was a stress relief. It was the my buddy got shot all to pieces but I am still alive and by God I am going to dance tonight to prove it. I am going to kick my legs and feet so that I can prove to myself that I still have them.
    I am going to lift a girl above my head to prove that I have my arms and hands. Swing her around my waist, through my legs, etc.

    A little morbid but it was like a poke in the eye at death and a celebration that I am still alive. Then when the war was over it was just the sheer joy of the dance that was left.

    The bills were due, the baby was teething, the dinner burned, hubby came home and found wife in tears because the sink sprang a leak ... what do you do??? Swoop in and start to swing. Why? the joy of the dance makes her laugh because when you are laughing everything is better.

    That is how Dad explained it to me when I asked him once before he died. Then he swooped me up above his head and showed me the joy of the dance one more time.

    Find a room and Benny Goodman's recording of "In the Mood" and just close your eyes and see the WW II soldiers dance for joy. That is the Swing. That is the Joy that is what you need to find to capture and then you will "get it."

    Hope that helps. Sorry that it is so long.
  9. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    well I am all for falling in love...anyhow, as I am learning it, its triple steps (toe flat toe, toe flat toe, rock step)....and in very small steps....(ahem, some of us don't like keeping our legs together:cool: ...no comments from the peanut gallery;) )...so I find it hard...plus it seems very bouncy and bubbly to me and not the least bit romantic or sexy...soooooooooo...in all sorts of ways it doesnt fit my personality...though many people would describe me as bubbly...it isnt who I am ...I dont think Ive ever giggled in my life...and well, I dunno, it just seems way more playful and giddy than anything I can tap into....does that make sense?....I want to be able to dance it and dance it well and its part of the rhythm comp experience, so that is the type I have to learn...does that help?
  10. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    West Coast Swing honey, West Coast Swing. Similar dance...totally different personalities.
  11. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    yah but I gotta do east for the comp
  12. Firsttime Dancer

    Firsttime Dancer New Member

    Yah, but once you get the "joy" you get the dance.

    Then the steps are easy.

    You Cha-Cha right? The Lock Steps are far apart all the time? Or do you do some close lock steps, swivel/pivot twist turns? I hope you know what I am trying to describe as I am just learning the Cha-Cha

    Just relax into the steps. The dance is supposed to be fun. You can be fun if you let yourself. Ok FORCE yourself to be FUN!:friend: :nope:
  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thanks also hepcat and firsttime...for the nice comments...I would rather tango...but I wann give swing a fair shot
  14. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    In stead of thinking Sexy=Sultry when doing ECS...thin Sexy=Fun. Kind of like that romp in the hay where you know your partner well and you can be silly and laugh while going at it midafternoon on the weekend vs. the candle lit Valentines day seduction.

    Both are sexy, but in a different way.

    If you're competing and there's a legs together issue, it sounds more like jive. ECS is a bit more forgiving on leg placement.
  15. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    its an awesome and touching answer and I've actually heard it before though not so eloquently as you put it...and given that I am a grief counselor by trade...that should speak to me...but it just doesnt...I think this is just going to have to be a fake it til you make it kinda thing for me....hmmm
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    love cha cha...but yes we do it tightly
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    :confused: have always opted for the romantic candlelit type...never been silly...ever:rolleyes:
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    you haven't met my pro have you?:D no such thing as forgiving leg placement:D little and together...is the order;)
  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thanks all...really
  20. Firsttime Dancer

    Firsttime Dancer New Member

    The swing steps are just a relaxed different Cha-Cha. Keep you legs together Keep your steps small Just like the cha-cha and give it a chance.

    You really will enjoy it and like everyone on the board here says you will fall in love with it once you get it.

    After the comp, my reccomendation is to find someone to take you out to a club and take you out swinging. Then you will really find the joy in the dance and will be able to do the dance without any problems in comp.

    Especially if you plan to continue to compete in this style that has swing in it.

    Just a suggestion. I have faith in you. I think you will be AWESOME in anything that you put your mind to.:notworth:

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