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    Clave Clan presents...

    Straight-Up Salsa Summertime Kickoff on June 23, 2007.

    With the summer solstice still a few weeks away, prepare to celebrate
    the first official weekend of the season at Clave Clan's Straight-Up
    Salsa Summertime Kickoff. Get a much-needed shot of straight up
    salsa at our premiere party, held at the beautiful Academy
    Ballroom. Like a strong drink, this party seeks to intoxicate
    dancers with its straightforward, no-frills approach. Our simple
    formula is good music + good floor + good people = great party.

    Straight-Up Salsa promises to deliver some of the heaviest
    salsa/mambo this side of the Mason-Dixon Line. An avid music
    collector and enthusiast, C-Clan's own DJ Larry travels the world,
    collecting the best music along the way. He'll be sharing his
    collection as he spins all night.

    While the music moves you, space will not be an issue. Boasting
    over 6000 square feet of space, Academy Ballroom is a facility that
    truly understands how to cater to dancers. Plus, with its centrally-
    located Buckhead address, no wonder it has quickly become a favorite
    destination amongst salseros in Atlanta.

    This party is open to all dancers, of all levels. Again, this is a
    no-gimmick event, featuring hours of dancing, and even a special
    performance or two by local Atlanta talent. Worried about missing
    one of the regularly scheduled Saturday socials? No worries; our
    Summertime Kickoff party does not conflict with any of the existing
    local Saturday events. Join us at Academy Ballroom for Straight-Up
    Salsa and kickoff your summer, salsa-style!

    About us: The Clave Clan is comprised of local salseros that you
    know: Rick Greenfield, Ed Mostehy, Larry Brownlee, and Maya Garner.
    Our mission is to spread the love of salsa in Atlanta by helping to
    present it in its purest form. We do what we do for the dancers!
    For more information on this event, call 678-595-4404 or 770-355-
    0150 or email info@salsascoop.com.

    http://www.jimmyrumba.com/jpgSUMMERSALSAPARTY copy.jpg
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    Gotta love that extra Saturday this month! :D
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    Featuring two special performances by local Atlanta talent (Atlanta debuts!)
    Showtime: 11:30p

    Doors open at 9p. Party goes until 2a.

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