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Discussion in 'Dance Ads' started by Artemia, May 4, 2010.

  1. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    Back when I discovered how amazing Supadance shoes were, I ordered a pair of #1008 Court Shoes. These shoes are size 7.5 UK (By my estimation they are best for about 9.5 US Women's.)

    Contour heel, 2.5" height. Color: Flesh Satin. You can see the model photo here:

    They have been worn about three times, for no more than 40 minutes each. I am selling them because I had to switch up to the Wide 1012s, because my toes are unhappy little buggers and I couldn't wear these shoes for long before having to whine and put on my practice shoes.

    They are in wonderful condition, and come with a pair of suede-bottomed Supadance heel protectors. (And the box and carry bag, of course!)

    I am asking for $100, including shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US. These shoes go for $140-160 or so, depending on where you get them from. If this is the size you wear, here's your chance to get a bargain on an amazingly beautiful and balanced pair of shoes!!

    Also something good to note, it is hard to find 7.5UK in stores, most of the time you need to custom order them (which is a PAIN!!) Time savings, cost savings... you can't lose!
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  2. ash_sk8s

    ash_sk8s Member

    Too bad I probably need a 7, as I am looking into buying that exact shoe right now! Darn it all! :)
  3. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    These shoes are also still available, I will be taking a photo today and it will be up when I am able to take it off of the camera and put it online.

    Included with the shoes are the original box, shoe bag and a pair of heel caps. I will also include the clear straps that some people use to keep these kind of shoes on your feet.. I wore them one time to see if how they worked and decided at that point it wasn't the shoes, it was my feet... and I needed shoes with a wide toe.

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