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  1. The award-winning professional performance troupe, The Bobbysox Brigade, is looking for swing dancers of all levels who are interested in performing, competing and dancing at an overall higher level.

    No partner is requried. All skill levels welcome.

    Auditons held on:

    Sunday, September 17, 2006 at 3:00 PM

    The Dance Factory
    5370 Katella Ave
    Los Alamitos, CA

    for more information call: 909-576-7866
    or our website at: thebobbysoxbrigade.com
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    Hi Bobbysox Brigade,

    Welcome to Dance-Forums!

    Please review our sites guidelines by clicking on "Guidelines" title in the upper right hand corner of our home page. You'll find that advertising ios ok if you are an active member of this site AND if you post it in the correct location.

    Otherwise this ad will be deleted.

    I suspect a moderator will be along soon to eliminate this unless you begin contributing some posts to some of our other threads.

    Thanks everyone!
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    And if we don't see contribution of posts to our other threads between now and 9/17, then this ad will disappear. ;)
  4. Vince A

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    I've been watching . . . when I'm between meetings and workshops (work-related workshops). Thought it was OK . . . once . . . as I think it's a pretty appropriate place to look for Swing dancers, but . . .

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