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Discussion in 'Videos' started by opendoor, Oct 23, 2009.

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  2. Peaches

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    Kinda cute. It looks like he lets his shoulder go, and gets too far away from his partner, though. Anyone know what the context of this performance is?

    I think it's kind of...odd...that you've got Pablo Veron, one of the current giants in the AT world, a world that's known for improvisation dancing a routine in another dance form that prides itself on improv. That just seems...off...to me.

    Would be curious to see what some westies/lindy-hoppers think about this.
  3. jennyisdancing

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    I'm a westie (and know AT) and this clip was sorta WCS but I saw they labeled it be-bop, so maybe that's a WCS cousin? Their anchor steps were not WCS style, the way they stepped back. The patterns were like WCS, though. They were simple beginner steps but I don't have context as to whether these AT folks have learned any more than that.

    Not sure what you mean by letting his shoulder go, Peaches. Their upper bodies pretty much looked okay but if they were doing WCS their centers were too far forward. WCS is opposite of AT in that sense; your center should be away from your partner most of the time. Their alignment was more hustle-like.
  4. bastet

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    I haven't done much WCS in awhile. Their anchor step kind of looks like a triple step to me, which I got taught originally (first told it was a ballroom thing, then told it was California style or something like that). Upshot is, I learned anchor steps and triple steps (never liked triples though so always used anchors).
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    To me it looked very much like a cross between WCS and ECS, which is what I tend to think of Lindy-Hop as. I wonder if it's actually Lindy, and not WCS.
  6. opendoor

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    Black and white Bop

    Think it got nothing to do with the almost black BeBop Jazz from that period (see Wiki)

    On their homepage is something written about Jano Merry, the company "Les Jits Bops" and the beginning of the rock´n´roll hype in France. I do not understand it all. Now Be-Bop seems to be their own label for this slowered-down-R´n´R. Perhaps it has got something to do with Gene Vicent´s great hit Be-Bop-A-Lula, too?

    Jano Merry´s HomePage http://www.rocknswingclub.com/ev

    And, there is some contemporay stuff about this french swing style on YT, too

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    Could be their own regional variant of swing. My teacher said they just call it dancing "Rock 'n' Roll" where she comes from.

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