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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by RickRS, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. RickRS

    RickRS Member

    Hey samina, don't forget, SYTYCD is on tonight! ;)
  2. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    LOL... thanks ricky! was just popping on to say that i've got a "live green" margarita in-hand, and am happily on-time to watch tonight's festivities!

    :D :D
  3. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    wow... legacy and ellenore... am so impressed! compelling performance. fearless is the word. committed.
  4. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    wooooow.... legacy and kathryn doin' their cha, holy cow. she looks great... lovely straight-leg technique for being a newb.

    y'know, so far, everyone is really dancing their heart out tonight. it's excellent dancing overall.

    i've been predicting that ryan would get the boot with this round, but he's doing very well in his performances... definitely has gotten the luck of the draw with these routines.
  5. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    hmmm... who's gonna get voted off... ryan and.. ellenore???? she's so good but...mebbe too quirky for america's top 6?
  6. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    i seem to be the only one commenting, lol...

    crikey, russell... *superstar*!!!!!!!!!!! what an awesome bollywood performance!!!!
  7. dlgodud

    dlgodud Active Member

    I missed 2/3 of the show. So, I cannot talk about performances.But, whom I think will be eliminated tomorrow? For the male, I think it is either Ryan or Russel. For the female, it is ellenor. Don't ask me the reason. I just think so.
  8. and123

    and123 Well-Known Member

    Mollee can go. IMO the judges are praising her waaaay too much. I just don't see it. I don't like her posture, and she often seems on the edge of losing her balance.
  9. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    i think russell could win the whole kit'n kaboodle... so much talent, so much joy, so much "now-wow". but jakob is IMO the best dancer, technically. amazing.

    and i'm hoping ashleigh makes it to the finale. she *really* won me over with her heart, determination, and surprising talent.
  10. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    I'm enjoying your enjoyment samina, but since I still have another 40 minutes until the show starts airing for me, can't really comment back on anything substantive. :D
  11. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    Only got 32 minutes on the tivo thanks to the power being out. I have a bad feeling it's going to end up being 3 minutes of dancing, 10 minutes of nygel being a pervy old man and 19 minutes of mary screeching. Power's finally back on, so will have to watch it soon.
  12. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    *grin* am looking forward to hearing your take, SD! :)
  13. I second that! Jakob is the best dancer but Russell is the most adorable one!!! I really felt bad for him tonight that he was forced to switch plans and partners! And he did great! And wasn't his Santa Claus solo just too cute?!!!

    Ellenore's and Legacy's first (table) routine was really stunning! And she looked gorgeous in that dress!

    It is really hard to decide who should go and who should stay. For the women I think Ellenore and Kathryn should be in the finale. I don't care whether Ashley or Mollee would go home. I just don't care too much for Mollee, and Ashley did not dance...

    For the guys, I want them all in the finale!!!
  14. Casayoto

    Casayoto Member

    I just want Mollee gone. I was done with her weeks ago. I voted like hell for Ashley. Hopefully the doctors clear her.

    I'm torn on which guy I want to go. Jacob has amazing technique, but sometimes doesn't connect with me. It just seems like empty dancing. Ryan's solos stink, but he's been great in almost everything else. Legacy is just so unique that it's hard to compare him to the others. Russell...well, I loved him during auditions, and I loved how gritty and hard hitting his solo was. There was power and pain in it, and it made me feel the way that real krump is supposed to. But, he hasn't done anything since the first week of group performances that I thought was really good. And I'm sick of them talking about him being "untrained" when he went to a dance school. One Joshua is enough for me. Untrained my butt.
  15. BrownSkin818

    BrownSkin818 New Member

    im not a kathryn fan but i was very impressed with her solo tonight!
    i AM an ellenore fan, but thought her solo flopped. :( she nailed last week's though.
    same with legacy... flopped solo tonight, nailed it last week.
    russell's was super cute. his dancing didnt move me all that much but i smiled throughout the entire routine. thats one charismatic guy!

    as far as eliminations....
    ashleighs never been in the bottom (plus the hubby's plea for her was super touching so i wont be surprised to see her spared). kathryn's been in the bottom once. ellenore and mollee have both been there twice. chances are that one of them is out. ill be off to dial for ellenore in a bit... :car:

    as for the guys, i think ryans out. he's been in the bottom 3 times already. versus legacy 0, jakob 0, russell 1 (at the VERY beginning of the season)

    i enjoyed most of the routines tonight.
    ...that cha cha number was wickedly choreographed! kathryn surprised me in it too.
    ...i also loved mollee and jakobs broadway piece. their side by side aerials looked SO good.
    ...i thought the table routine was indeed dangerous, and overall pretty good. but i didnt think it warranted the extended hype it got. an emmy nod? i dont see it.

    anywho, whats with the final being 6 instead of 4? does that nix the same sex routines or will they do them as trios? hmmmmm.....
  16. I didn't realize Russel went to dance school. Which one?
  17. Just caught the episode online :)

    I felt REALLYYY bad for Ashleigh. Thought I don't see her as that amazing of a ballroom dancer, I do think she's a good dancer in general. She's been able to adapt to every style that she's gotten. Also, she seems to have grown A LOT (based on what we saw in Vegas week) and that's what I think audiences are connecting with. I thought the fact that Ryan pleaded for her number instead of his own was super sweet :)

    In terms of the dancing, here are my thoughts:

    Legacy and Ellenor - ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE FIRST ROUTINE. Didn't get the second one that much. Didn't care for Ellenor's solo. I thought Legacy's was cute and I think he's adorable :)

    Ryan and Kathryn - Didn't really think anything of the first routine. The Cha Cha choreography was great for a "dance" but I don't think it showcased the "Cha Cha". There was barely any in it! Unless, it happened in the 3.5 seconds that I blinked. I did think their connection was okay considering all the tough and many lifts and dips and tricks they had. Liked Kathryn's solo and, I've seen better. I do think Ryan did a good job overall tho considering it's his WIFE that's probably sitting backstage sobbing her eyes out so I applaud him for being able to put his game face on (for millions) while he was probably hurting inside.

    Mollee and Jakob - I didn't really think that Viennese Waltz was that great. I thought Mollee looked a bit awkward in it. The broadway routine seemed nice but I'm not a big fan of broadway on SYTYCD so, I dunno. I thought Mollee did well in her solo (though I would like to see her go). Jakob's was just Jakob's usual technically great solo.

    Russel & Co. - I felt bad that he didn't have a partner because when your partner is taken away from you, you can't showcase any of your partnering skills. I have to say, both his performances were "eh" for me NOT because of his dancing but because the thrill of seeing him do it with one of the show's dancers was not there. Have to give him credit for going out there on his own (well, not really but you know what I mean) and for taking on new partners the morning of!

    I'm torn as to which guy I want to see gone. I know a lot of ppl think Ryan should be gone but first - I have a thing for ballroom men lol but more importantly, he's done really well with all his dances and partners.

    As for the girls, I think Mollee is a very good dancer but I dunno, she just doesn't work for me.
  18. TAK

    TAK Member

    I agree.

    Compare Mollee and Kathryn...Kathryn's technique is head and shoulders above Mollee's as far as I can see. Kathryn is solid!
  19. Casayoto

    Casayoto Member

    Russell went to Boston Arts Academy. He also said in his initial audition that he had done ballet, tap, jazz. Of course they quickly ignored that and made sure to mention that he was "untrained" every week. It's just like Joshua and Comfort. They always call hip hop dancers untrained even though both of them had been taking dance classes since they were young. Now Philip from last season...he was untrained, as far as I know.
  20. No. It's just the Margaritas. Oops., I just realized you mentioned a live green one. Is that any thing like a green lemonade?

    Here's who I'd like to see in the finals.
    Ellenore, Katherine, Mollee,
    Jakob, Russell, I don't really care for either Legacy nor Ryan.

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