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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by RickRS, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. IfMusicBe

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    On the blog it shows which styles each dancer will be "representing". Thus it looks like Niel, Allison and Courtney will represent disco. And a whole bunch of them are listed for "cultural" (which I assume may include Russian and Bollywood). Only the hip hop and ballroom dancers seem to have limited repetoires. Curious.
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  3. wooh

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    While I'll miss having a ballroom representative on the judging panel, I can't say that I'll miss her increasingly screamish rambling.
  4. gingerbread

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    when does it finally start???
  5. Casayoto

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    Despite all of the changes this year that make me unhappy, I'll put up with all of them if I don't have to listen to Mary every week.

  6. ChaChaMama

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    See, my husband and I kind of feel the opposite. We can't stand Mia as a judge. We feel like she's mean-spirited, and plays favorites to a huge degree, and also seems to prefer male dancers to female ones. She also seems to have the hugest ego of all the judges.

    A lot of the judges drive me crazy from time to time--I can't stand when Nigel gets all self-congratulatory about putting Bollywood on the show, as if he virtually discovered the genre, and that just makes him the most multi-cultural person on the planet--but I can rarely watch Mia without wanting to throw a shoe.

    Honestly, this show really hasn't grabbed me since Season 4. Dropped out of watching Season 5, then came back for the finals. Started, but could not get through Season 6. We DVRed it, but were never in the mood to watch it. I can remember when we couldn't wait to see another episode. Sigh.
  7. Beto

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    I'm with you on that. Mia runs hot and cold and seems to favor only dancers in her genre. She goes from downright mean (rhymes with "rich") to all soft and friendly depending on which way the wind blows. Maybe this is something unique, or typical, of ballet/modern/contemporary choreographers. Or it's just Mia and you love her/hate her for it.

    Nigel does have a very diverse dance background, and is certainly more knowledgeable about ballroom than Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tunioli, but I will say that Mary's critiques on ballroom are something that I will miss from the judges' table.


    Ditto. Got disappointed with Season 5 after week 2, TiVo'd the entire season and then saw the live tour. Transferred to external hard drive backup to watch at some later date. TiVo'd all of season 6, not seeing a single episode and am archiving that too. I'll come into Season 7 totally fresh and will make a bigger effort to actually watch with you all so that I can comment on it like I did in seasons' past.
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    I can definitely see Mia getting annoying if she's on every week, but I can't imagine her being worse than Mary. Besides, even when she's annoying, she's trying to say something, not just screaming like a banshee.

    ...Telling the top 10(not 20, ugh) yes or no in their house, with their families? ***
  10. Casayoto

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    Apparently, I can't write "W" "T" "F"

    That's got to cause problems on a dance forum.
  11. Beto

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    Not so much. We just say waltz, tango, foxtrot and that gets the point across.
  12. wonderwoman

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    I can't believe I never thought of that before.
  13. latingal

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    ummm...I think we have rules against profanity (even if disguised)...we're a PG-13 forum please.
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    So You Think You Can Dance Host Cat Deeley Calls New Judge "Bonkers"

    So You Think You Can Dance Host Cat Deeley Calls New Judge "Bonkers"


    When So You Think You Can Dance premieres its seventh season on Thursday (8/7c on Fox), viewers will notice some major changes. Choreographer Mia Michaels will be a permanent judge — taking Mary Murphy's place — and the 10 finalists will pair up with previous all-star contestants, resulting in only one eliminated dancer per week. Both the performance and results show will air live. As host Cat Deeley puts it, "Anything can happen — and it will." spoke to Deeley about what advice the all-stars will have for the newbies, why she calls Michaels "bonkers," and how her wardrobe on the show has inspired her to create a jewelry line. What do you think about Mia Michaels becoming a permanent judge?
    Cat Deeley: I love it. I love Mary Murphy too. She's still going to be part of the family, still going to do choreography for us, but Mia is held is such high esteem by the dance world. She's a genius in terms of her choreography and I can't wait to see her on the panel. The dancers really want to hear what she's got to say. They really respect her opinions and she very rarely sugarcoats them. She's very honest and even if she criticizes, it's constructive criticism. I love the fact that she's a little bit bonkers. Let's face facts: She would be the first person to turn around and go, "I am." I love that whole element, somebody who's a genius from the dancer's respect, who can relate to the audience, and is a little crazy.
    So You Think You Can Dance's Mia Michaels becomes permanent judge Are you excited to have all-stars?
    Deeley: Can't wait. Seeing them all again, it's like having all my babies back. It'll be great to see them all again just in terms of finding out what they're doing and how they are, but I also think the top 10 this year will really be able to learn so much from them. I don't think anybody at all, no matter how much you empathize, fully understands this process as much as the people who have been through it themselves. Quite often what were essentially doing is taking ordinary people and putting them in the most extraordinary situation. It's tough both mentally, emotionally and physically and I think that the advice that the all-stars will be able to give our top 10 this year will be absolutely invaluable to them. What kind of advice do you think the all-stars will give them?
    Deeley: Having hindsight is an incredible thing and at the end of it, they always go, "I just wish I had enjoyed that bit a little more or not worry so much about that," because there can only be one winner. If there can only be one winner, does that mean the other previous seasons' 19 people were losers? It's all about having a life experience and you get elevated into a national stage here in America and all these opportunities become available to you. You get to work with some of the best choreographers in the whole world and dancers develop relationships they will have forever.
    So You Think You Can Dance reveals returning all-stars What else is in store for the new season?
    Deeley: Before we would prerecord the performance show and then go live on the results show, but this year we're actually going live with both shows. Basically anything can happen and it will. Just from experience there's always going to be those moments where something's going to go wrong or a piece of scenery is going to come down. No matter what happens, mistakes can happen, accidents, but whatever happens as long as you deal with it in the right way, the audience will love to see it. It feels as though they're part of the gang; it makes it very real. So is this the year you'll be nominated for the reality hosting Emmy?
    Deeley: I don't know; please campaign for me. I would absolutely love one. I presented it last year and I went backstage and there was literally an entire table full of them. I said, it's a good thing there are no pockets in this dress, otherwise one of those would have gone missing. [Jeff Probst] is great, but everything he does I do in high heels and a minidress.
    Big changes at So You Think You Can Dance How has your style on the show led you to creating your own jewelry line?
    Deeley: I dress myself on the show and I wear everything from High Street designers to vintage. My friends say, "How did you find that; where did you get it?" So I started doing a vintage-inspired jewelry line on QVC. The way quite a few women feel about vintage is, we see it in magazines and we see people wearing it, but lots of people don't have the time or the inclination or the know-how to shop. It's a way for the normal American woman to be able to get that vintage-inspired look, and it's so diverse. I can give my jewelry to my goddaughter, my mom or to my grandmother, and they would all interpret it slightly different, but it's absolutely wearable for women of all ages
  17. Casayoto

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    Performance show will be live? Didn't they watch the final show last season? The Soup played a clip of it for "worst live tv moment of the year".
  18. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Was Season 6's finale truncated? I know Season 5 they gave Jeanine a *LOT* of talk time after announcing her as the winner and I liked that. Season 1 and Season 2 didn't give Nick or Benji, respectively, a whole lot of time to celebrate before going to credits.
  19. Casayoto

    Casayoto Member

    The whole thing with Russell getting injured was a disaster. They played the clip where Cat was calling everyone on stage but only half came out and then they had to carry Russell out. It was a couple of pretty brutal minutes of silence and confusion.

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