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  1. Nayla & Chris Tango

    Nayla & Chris Tango New Member

    There are movies that are representative of a moment in time; in this case tango Bayle nuestro, a 1988 documentary film by Jorge Zanada captures the state of Argentine Tango after years of decline and the beginning of its revival.

    Showcasing some of tango's most prominent dancers - such as Gerardo Portalea, Finito and Miguel Balmaceda, among others - this film has the raw feeling of the milongueros that were holding on to their passion, no matter how unpopular or forgotten their craft was, and their hopes that a younger generation would carry on with the genre they so much loved and lived
    Watch a young Miguel Angel Zotto dancing with Milena Plebs, Juan Carlos Copes teaching, and listen to the testimonies of many of the people who made it possible for tango to be the worldwide sensation that it is today.
    If you are looking for the real essence of this dance, you can't miss this movie!


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  2. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Overestimated and much too long. I only picked 10 seconds of Finito at 12:08 (1/2) and I´ve got material for 2 tango lives! Only my 2 cents.

    I´ve linked the vids, so it may be easier to find them.


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