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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by pygmalion, Jan 28, 2004.

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    I was reading an article yesterday, which said that the influence of things like the movie,"Tango" a few years ago, "Assassination Tango" last year, TV coverage and magazine articles are responsible for major growth and spread of tango in the US and across the world in recent years.

    Do you think that's true? Is tango now more popular just because of increased media coverage? Or is there some other actor at work, such as historical societies or personal activism? And if the media is at the center of it all, does that mean tango will die down in popularity in coming years, or will there always be a core of tango diehards? What can/should be done? What do you think?
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    Re: Tango - media inspired resurgence?

    Is the media responsible for the major growth and spread of tango? Yes and no. Media coverage exposes more people to the idea of dancing, and so maybe they give it a try. In that way the media is responsible for more dancing. However, if there weren't a core of enthusiasts for the media to cover, there would be no stories. And, if there weren't people dedicated to teaching and promoting the art, media coverage wouldn't matter.

    Just because of media coverage? No. Did media coverage increase the number of people involved, yes.

    These forces have more long-term impact than media coverage, and will be what continues to support the art.

    At the height of the swing revival there were a lot of movies and media covereage (and tv commercials that included swing dancing), but I don't see that as much lately. Did swing die down in popularity? I think so, but I also know that there are lots of people out there who know how to dance because of swing. Will there always be a core of diehards? There is in swing, so I have no reason to expect that it won't be the case with Tango.

    What should be done? Take as much advantage of the media coverage as possible, but know that eventually the media coverage will go away and you will be left with all the new dancers that the media brought to dance. It's a good thing because then the media will perhaps shine their light on some other dance, and bring more people to the dancefloor.

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    My own motivation for learning tango was sseing Sally Potters Film 'the Tango Lesson'; A friend lent me a video and I wanted to know if I could learn this sensual dance. I had never done any kind of partner dancing before. More recently the BBC has featured tango dancers in linking clips between programmes. This has aroused interest in tango.
    But the people who get on with tango though varied have to be a bit more dedicated. I am told it is more difficult and slower to learn than salsa so people drop out when they don't get the immediate results they may have been expecting.

    I'm sure tango shows like Tango Por Dos and the success of music by Gotan Project, and musicians who form tango orchestras(Zum, Tango Siempre, Tango Volcano, Tanzango) have also made a difference. Tango seems to be growing slowly in popularity thanks to us Bruce Willises of the Tango world.

    "Tango hard with a passion"
    "To tango or not to tango that is the question.
    Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of salsa and swing
    Or to take legs against a sea of troubles and by dancing tango end them."

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