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    In Berlin you may contact be-my-dancer.de to book or become a private dancer. So far, I have no feedback how thinks have worked out. Nevertheless, the founder seemed to be a nice chap. He once asked me if I would like to work as a taxi dancer, but I politely declined. My partner Sonja thought it would ruin my reputation as an instructor and choreographer and I usually trust her in this regard.

    The Argentine network of Hannover used to have a good connection with hoteliers, instructors and taxi dancers in Buenos Aires. When desired the hotel keeper would arrange a meeting with three possible gentlemen in Buenos Aires and after a short “test drive” in the dining room the guest would choose one. All ladies I have spoken to were rather contend. Since I left Hannover I have only very little contact to that network, so I don’t know if things still work this way. At that time (2000 - 2006), there were no taxi dancers known to me in Hannover.

    In general, the Berlin Tango scene celebrates its hip poverty and sneers on apparent older wealthier ladies. Thus the topic of hiring a taxi dancer in Buenos Aires is not openly discussed. (At least when I’m around, might be different in the ladies room). Nevertheless, due to mixed quality of recent taxi dancers, the trend shifts toward paying instructors for lessons before and at the Milonga. The recent champion seems to be a “Martin”. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything else about him, except that he seems to be charming as hell.
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    Just found an article on Social Dance written in1935.

    "In Los Angeles we found beautiful girls as hostesses in even the cheapest halls...attractive small-town girls who had gone to Hollywood to crash moviedom."
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    If that Martin is now in Vietnam, I've got an idea who he is...

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