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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Dave Bailey, May 22, 2008.

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    It's interesting to note that when National Geographic had an article about Argentina and AT, they described a tango class in Buenos Aires using... the 8 count basic.

    I've started to supect that our current paradgim of lead follow in AT is something new. I hear from the library that "Tango in the USA", or some such title, is now availale for me to pick up.
    Know how every chuckles about what Valentino did on film, tango wise? He had lived with two Argentines who taught tango before he made the film. "The rest of the story" is usually quite interesting, I find.
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    Here's a comment on levels, testing, "medals".

    At the country western place where I dance, they play the national anthem every single night at 9:00. When they get to the place where they sing "and the land of the freeeeeeeeeeee......", there is often one or several people who scream or yell.
    Yeah, America, the land of the free...

    Now, let's start with the French, who apparently have passed legislation requiring line dance instructors to be train and certified. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article4036375.ece] Oui Ha! France brings line dancing craze under state control
    (OK, well maybe it's just because it's line dancing.)

    The British also seem to gravitate towards a more structured approach to dance.

    Then there's us Americans...the land of the freeeeeeeee
    Medals and such do have traction here, but we can see that there is clearly resistance to things being highly structured. I guess it's just part of our culture.
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    And on this quoted page there is this comment:

    "Line Dancing is a Group Fitness activity just like Aerobics, Yoga and Tai Chi. there are so many bad line dance instructors out there teaching.... I am convinced that these teachers should have the expertise and training as do the Yoga and Tai Chi instructors, even if it means getting certified.

    Sandra Balestracci, Fort Lauderdale, FL , USA"

    Agreed, line dancing is fitness with country music instead of gym music. And btw I would not say that people who have to listen to their national anthem everyday in a dance party are free.
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    No surprise there is there? Just because the class was in BsAs doesnt mean that you're going to get "modern" teaching. Or good teachers for that matter... (I know this is a point that's been argued to exhaustion elsewhere)
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    Ever been to Canada?
    In Sault Ste Marie, Ontario they play the the Canadian national anthem before a movie starts.
    I seem to remember that on the Champs Elysee in Paris (is there another?) when I went to see Othello (on film, sung in Italian I believe, with French subtitles) they played their anthem, and attendants came into the theater to sell popcorn and sodas.

    At Bushwhackers, where I go twice a week, I have been known to walk outside during the anthem when one particluar "screamer", as I call her, is in attendance.

    And, there is a naturalized citizen from Germany who is a friend of mine, who always steps outside for a smoke during the anthem.

    Still, your comment made me laugh out loud.
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    From the gold syllabus: http://www.dancevision.com/files/video/ATCC28/250k.wmv

    Which one is Christy Cote?
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    the partner's George Garcia so I would guess Christy's the lady!
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    Whenever you see dancevision and argentine tango in the same sentence........RUN !!!

    Case in point.....
    Gold. Gold? What makes it gold...b/c they had no other place to put it? B/c they forgot it before the silver was printed? If you look at the rest of it, there is no rhyme/reason to what is B/S/G. This is just not a good series. They took AT, and tried to BR it for DV....big mistake. Now, I'm not saying that some of it isn't good...some is. Poorly taught, but danced OK, and get's the point across. Frankly, GG is a friend of mine (of course, he - hono; me - maui), and he is quite good. He and partner, Kai, are "quite" impressive. Yet, I was very surprised at his lack of on the DV series.

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