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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by Spitfire, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Zhena

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    I spent the weekend at a dance seminar that Jerry Duke also attended. I took the opportunity to ask him about this. His initial response was that he didn't think there is a link. Then he started talking about how the development of the dance in New York was related to certain people's reactions to this rhythm (insert demonstration here) and the perceived need to sanitize it to this rhythm (next demonstration). It took only about 3 seconds for it to go completely over my head (particularly since at that point I had consumed <CENSORED> glasses of wine), but my conclusion was that he has thought about this very question and has some theories.

    I mentioned your name to him, so if you do decide to approach him, it won't be a complete surprise (of course, I have no idea how many glasses of wine HE had consumed at that point, so he might not remember ...).

    Let me know how the research is progressing ...
  2. Steve Pastor

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    All roads lead to DF!

    There is a pdf of Richard Powers' accounting of The Texas Tommy at this url. http://socialdance.stanford.edu/syllabi/Texas_Tommy.pdf

    There is a related post here

    "young working class women in New York City readily foresook the waltz for "spieling" - also known as "pivoting" - and "tough" dancing...
    "spieling resembles a dance called zweifachers"
    from "Dancing Class" on dancing at the turn of the century - the Progressive Era - as stated by the author.
  3. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Irene and Vernon Castle Modern Dancing 1914
    Ethel Williams helped to popularize Texas in New York in 1913.
    Snowden had his accidental 'breakaway' in 1928.
  4. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Oh, hey, they also had something where you did the tango, but without touching each other, and called it Innovation, a hand change, and a free hand in the single step or les a cote
  5. tangotime

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    Hi Steve.. The "forgotten " English couple, who introduced several BR dances to the English dance community. The One step. was one of the dances included in the 1919 World championships ( In Paris ) .

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