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Discussion in 'Videos' started by tangobro, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. tangobro

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  2. Mladenac

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    I haven't seen yet but thank you very much :D
  3. v22TTC

    v22TTC New Member

    Only started to watch it for now, and seems promising, cheers!:)

    It'd be interesting to see if anybody gets anything from it who's read his book (I haven't yet).

    And anybody who isn't one for endless, gushing thankyous from a few different people can safely skip the first five minutes....:evil:
  4. v22TTC

    v22TTC New Member

    Interesting stuff, though I'm in no position to have any idea how correct he is....

    It's hard to tell what he's saying sometimes, and I guess that this has been discussed at length elsewhere, but how does going from 'percussion gets you to heaven' to zero percussion fit into his argument?

    I'm probably just nowhere near sophisticated enough musically to be able to follow the links, but they do seem to break down a tad as you go from Tango's precursors to Tango itself?...

    Whaddo I know?...:confused:

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