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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Beatleboy182, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Beatleboy182

    Beatleboy182 New Member

    Can anybody teach me how to do this over the net by any means possible?

    i need to learn it for a school deb but i can't make it to the lessons.

    Any help would be Deeply appriciated!
  2. Ms_Sunlight

    Ms_Sunlight New Member

    Well, there is an online lesson at which is the number 1 hit on Google. Personally I find it really hard to follow a sequence off an animation or diagram. I'd either (a) go to the lessons or (b) sit it out. You won't know if you've "got it" until you try it with another person.
  3. Beatleboy182

    Beatleboy182 New Member

    Yeah thanx. I Found that site to.

    My partner who lives interstate is coming down in a few week to teach me the the dance is 2 weeks later but i was trying to find out a little about the Balmoral Blues before hand.

    can anybody teach me how that diagram turns into a dance?

  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I'm not good at that, either. :?

    And, btw, what is balmoral blues?
  5. ShyDancer

    ShyDancer New Member

    Balmoral Blues is another New Vogue dance pygmalion :D

    BeatleBoy Id suggest a one hour private will easily learn it in that amount of time, its not a hard one at all. Depending on where you are it usually cost between $40 and $60.
    The scripts/diagrams are useless unless you already have a general idea of what the dance looks like, I still get frustrated reading them and I already know the correct alignments and timing!

    Good Luck and lets us know how you go!
  6. ShyDancer

    ShyDancer New Member

    I wanted to add...try your local library as most of them have New Vogue tapes that you can loan. An hour or2 with one of those will teach you a lot, )providedyou have space to practice!)
    I find the Neville Boyd ones to be the best, but there is also Les and Pat Thompsons tapes that are quite good.
    Stay away from the ones with Eileen Boal, honestly they are shocking!
  7. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Shocking in what way? I'm dying to know. :wink: :lol:
  8. ShyDancer

    ShyDancer New Member

    How much time do you have?

    :lol: :lol:

    Lets just say that her dancing looks more like stepping...she looks ready to fall over at any second, I dont think she understands the terms "timing" and "technique" ... Lets not talk about the dress :shock:
  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Ah. Yep. Shocking. :?

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