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    Very nicely done.
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    Lots of things in here that I figured out the hard way... though I'm not sure I would have really understood them at the beginning :)
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    Same. Knowing what you're supposed to do and actually having the proprioception and movement memory to do it consistently are two very different things. And I definitely struggle more with the latter than the former.
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    This is actually great! Thanks for sharing the biggest mistakes dancers make because it's really interesting article. The article is worth sharing to be honest.
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    poise and
    I finally got around to reading the article on "head " .

    My very first comment to new students, is this ; " Ballroom dance, is a CONTACT sport "

    Here's my "take" on the downward looking student.

    American studios, are notorious for teaching students in "smooth" style as a beginner, in an apart position .

    IF the beginner is shown a correct head and hold position from their very 1st lesson, much of this downward looking "habit " can be eliminated very quickly, in fact , it's nigh impossible to look at ones feet in a closed position .

    A larger problem with the ladies head, are those who constantly feel the need to be in my "window "...

    The positioning of head in specific instances, is dealt with as they arise .

    Scrivener wrote an article, on the ladies head position in a Whisk .
    He stated that, Nellie retains the Leftward position until the exit to Prom. saying... it "sets" and stabilises the poise and balance .
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    This is an interesting point. Some of the newer instructors at the studio I go to try to teach in "apart position" or "practice position". This was what one of my instructors does when I was learning a new style. I found it quite awkward. I told her it was a bit odd because I couldn't feel her body movements and the hold was awkward. Then we went into closed position and she was surprised how rough it was in "practice position" yet how I picked it up quickly in closed position.

    My first instructor never went into practice position. It was just straight into it which I think is better because you don't develop a reliance on the "easier" thing.
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    wow! didn't know that
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    Hi I'm Trumpets:)
    This is very Interesting Article :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

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    It is very interesting!! Thankyou.
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    Assuming ballroom skills are easily transferable to salsa/bachata and vice-versa.

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