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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Spitfire, May 21, 2003.

  1. Sakura

    Sakura New Member

    :shock: :x Ooh, be sure to take care of that! If it doesn't go away after an extended period of time/causes you quite a bit of discomfort (probably depending on its size) you may want to head in to a doctor so he/she can drain that for you. =>_<= Owie.

    I've seen the head trainer at our school do this one time, while I was in there ('cause the swimmers were doing laps and no one looked like they were about to die, so I went down to the training room to hang out with my fellow trainers. =^_^=), and it didn't look fun. *frowns* Well, anyways, I hope it gets better soon! :D

    Sakura Kitty :kitty:

    (PS- *Loved* the idea about a steel-toed dance shoe! Added benefits include being able to kick a guy who won't get the point to keep his hands to himself, and not have to use extra effort to make sure he gets the *point*! :D Sorry; I love terrible puns, and, of course, so offence to our lovely guys on DF, who I'm sure would *never* do such a thing [to merit getting kicked]!)
  2. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your concern. :D

    The toe seems to be doing fine.
  3. Sakura

    Sakura New Member

    :D No problem! It's what being a trainer does to you! (Of course, that could also be the "I love everything about medicine, and I'm gonna be a doctor, 'cause learning anatomy and anything to do with medicine and treatments comes extraoridnarily easy to me!) *grins* I've got some pretty funny stories from the training room, but I suppose those don't belong here.

    ...*Although* since this *is* an electric slide topic, I *have* done the electric slide on the pool deck when I've been bored out of my mind! Very fun! :D :D :twisted:

    Sakura Kitty :kitty:
  4. NYCsDancer

    NYCsDancer New Member

    Electric Slide

    Check the original choreography and a video of how it was originally performed at
  5. suneedae

    suneedae New Member


    Hi you Electric Fans out there! It's funny...I learned the electric slide from my brother who went to his first year of college in 1991. He taught me so that when I went to college the following year, I wouldn't be out of the loop. Anyhow, the Electric Slide is by far my most favorite line dance to do. It's simple and it gets the energy in the room going :D I added my own variation to it over the years that I was in college. Recently, I've taught a couple of friends the dance and it's been just plain fun to be able to show them the "moves" :wink: I LOVE the Electric Slide (BOOGIE WOOGIE)!!!!
  6. NYCsDancer

    NYCsDancer New Member


    :D Glad to hear that you are enjoying my dance - if you have learned it correctly - I would be surprised -
    I have a new group started for Electric Slide Fans - check out my web page at for full info and view the videos - the steps (basic) - the single line dance and double line (the Original)
  7. suneedae

    suneedae New Member

    how do i view the actual video that you have of the electric slide?
  8. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Ditto. Didn't seem obvious how to get to the "new" club page. :cheers:
  9. HomeSkillet

    HomeSkillet New Member

    my electric slide is great, i do the whole thing in glides.
  10. NYCsDancer

    NYCsDancer New Member

    How to view the video............

    OK - If you go to and click on the link - to join the club - you will be taken to the GROUPER DOWNLOAD SITE - fill out the form and that's it - It sends me a note saying that you want to join the group - I approve it - and then you download the program GROUPER - and there you are - the files are there to download or just watch
    ps - Minimum System Requirements:
    Download size is 1.9 MB.
    Microsoft .Net 1.1. If necessary, it will be automatically installed.
    PC running Windows XP and 2000 (Windows 98 and ME are not supported).
    500 MHz Pentium III class processor or better, 256 MB RAM minimum.
    Broadband Internet connection -- DSL, cable modem, LAN, etc.
    Latest Windows service packs recommended.

  11. luh

    luh Active Member

    saw it in january in rochester, MN.
  12. NYCsDancer

    NYCsDancer New Member

    New Site - New News

    I have put up a new site to find the Electric -

    Got an email for the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra who is doing free concerts in the park this year and their theme is The Electric Slide. They asked for permission to list my name as choreograher and are going to either list the choreography or the site above in the program.

    Got a call from the Library of Congress - they have finally approved my registration (after two years) and I should have the paperwork in two weeks - I will post the registration to the site above so everyone can see it.

    I spoke to Human Kinetics publishing company this week... They put out the book "Christy Lane's Complete Book of Line Dancing" - they have acknowledged their mistake of printing the incorrect 18 step version of my dance and are in nogotiations to settle.

    Line Dancer Magazine of England - and another publication are doing articles on me and LDM will be making a retraction next month to remove the 18 step versions from their site once I send them the Registration paperwork. [/url]
  13. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Please don't take this as a challenge, NYCsDancer. It's not intended that way, but just to help me understand. You're at least the third (fourth?) choreographer who's come to DF and claimed ownership of the electric slide line dance.

    What's up with that? Are there different versions? Was there one original dance that got corrupted? It's really confusing, to me. I learned about the dance for the first time in the mid to late 80s -- 1988ish, I think (although it was popular before then, I think.) Then later, in the early nineties, I started seeing a really fancy version with lots of spins and fanicer footwork. Still called the electric slide, but much more difficult. What's the story? :?
  14. NYCsDancer

    NYCsDancer New Member

    There is only ONE TRUE Choreographer - ME

    There has been alot of confusion over the years -
    the whole story can be found at
    The short version - In 1976, I was asked to open a disco in NYC - VAMPS - for Beefsteak Charlie's - I gave the opening night party and about three months later they asked me to create a dance and start teaching it at the club - The music had just come out at the clubs and I like it - so I created the dance and premiered it with professional dancers - when I started teaching it to the general public - I found it was too complicated and taught it as a single line dance - evey nite I would start by saying that by biggest fear was that someone would teach it incorrectly and it would go around the world incorrectly and I would end up spending the rest of my live trying to correct it - WELL - that's exactly what happened (as in my dream) - and here I am- almost 30 years later - still trying to get it done correctly -
    In Dec 03 - I had to have a knee replacement to my rt knee - the same knee that I tore while teaching the dance in 1976 and was forced at that time to stop teaching it - I never gave it another thought until 1996 when I went on line and found three internet sites that had the 18 step version listed - I wrote to KICKI-IT and the other two and told them they had it wrong - and the letter I got from KICK-IT stated - GET A LIFE _ WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!
    I am in the process of sueing their butts for the statement they have listed on line at the present - which I find slanderous.
    Once the paperwork is posted at my site - there will be no more confusion.

    Hope this clears it up for you - any more questions - email me directly at
  15. NYCsDancer

    NYCsDancer New Member

    No Sean - your wrong

    They are actually two different dances -
    The Bus Stop was THE 1st line dance - I was actually teaching it when asked to create The Electric.....
    In fact - Louise - see - actually wrote the bus stop in my letter to the Workmen's Comp office when I asked her to help me get my decision overturned. If it weren't for her letter - I would never have gotten W/C in the first place and would have paid thousands of dollars in surgerys over the years.

    Just to keep the record straight
  16. NYCsDancer

    NYCsDancer New Member

    Question - do you know who is claiming authorship?

    Would love to sue their butts as well -
  17. NYCsDancer

    NYCsDancer New Member

    Kudos dude - that is actually the way I had to teach it

    Never found anyone who could actually keep up with me except Alvin Ailey dancers.
    You must be a great dancer -
    The BOX - is actually the way the dance was supposed to be done.
  18. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Try googling him. :wink:

    I'm sure there are many who'd call him a great dancer. Many, many. He's a bit too humble to do so himself, though, I suspect. 8)
  19. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    A "dance buddy" friend has been wanting to learn West Coast, so I've been accompanying her to a hotel lounge's pre-band West Coast Swing lesson and, now that she's got the basics down, we've started sticking around to practice a bit.

    Last night, the band called all the Electric Slide dancers to come. She didn't know it, but I gave her a quick, albeit incomplete, intro and, in the course of the dance she got it down pat and had fun doing it. The floor was full, so it looks like the dance is fairly strong in Orange County.

    OTOH, at one event during the Orange County Lindy Exchange we had a Jack-and-Jill contest in which the MC would call out a particular step and judges circulating through the crowd would tap out those not able to do that step (they got me on the mashed potato). But when he called out "Electric Slide", nobody who was left could do it and, by the expression on their faces, didn't even know what it was. And there was still a sizable crowd on the floor. Needless to say, that round didn't count.
  20. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    hmm...interesting stuff... It will be nice if it got sorted out as you suggest will be done NYCsDancer.

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