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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by jantango, Dec 5, 2009.

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    I think that it's just desperation, where else can you find someone to talk Tango to 24/7 ?? But yes we do find out over time who the kindred souls are and we pay more attention to what some people say than we do others...isn't that so? ...that being said, a video of each dancing would add a hell of a lot more information. punto final.:together:
  2. Peaches

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    What is this, a tennis match? Point, set, match?
  3. Mario7

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    ...it 'aint over 'til it's over:tongue:
  4. Dave Bailey

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    This one's been answered already, but I'll hammer it home too...

    By communicating the concepts clearly, and by analysing any problems and fixing them.

    Which, of course, applies to every teacher in every discipline. I don't want my son's Maths teacher to be Stephen Hawking, I'd much prefer it if she could, well, teach.

    The fallacy that great teachers have to be great dancers is demonstrably false. And in some ways, being a great natural dancer is a disadvantage to teaching.

    Obviously, the teacher should be able to dance to a point - dance is a physical discipline and we learn from watching as much as from listening. But I don't even believe the teacher needs to be a better dancer than the student. Again, the obvious example is sports coaches - Olympic athletes don't demand that their coaches are better at sports than they are, do they?

    But another example is an art critic. We don't expect our art critics to be better painters than the people they're critique-ing, do we? Yes, being able to paint to some point is probably essential, but there are far more important skills.
  5. Dave Bailey

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    In an online forum, you can only give credit to the words, and you can only determine how much credibility to give to those words based on your own judgement.

    And progressing in Tango isn't all about just seeing demonstrations of dance movement. A lot of it involves thinking, discussion, research, and ideas - and that's exactly where a forum is useful.
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    The best advice I've received has been from my regular practice partner - she's had very little AT experience, but she's an experienced dancer and she's very good at analysing faults and working on them with me.
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