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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by SalsaAmore, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    I had a great dance night last night. One dance, in particular, I had is with one of the most popular salseros in our area. He is hot, sexy, unique and talented. Many of the the girls here totally swoon over him. Knowing him a little, he is actually a little shy and a very sweet guy and oh so charming and sexy. We have our flirtations on and off when I see him once or twice a week. But, with our dance last night, it was like, let the games begin. He held me a lot closer than usual and danced with me more passionate than usual. It was and has been a fun little flirtation. But, last night, he brought it to a new level. I'm still thinking and smiling about it. Whew!

    Now, I'm pretty cautious connecting with hot, popular salseros. I'm thinking, if you want heartache and pain in a romantic relationship, then date a hot, popular salsero. I never thought about it TWICE whenever it came to dating these salseros. But, last night, left me thinking and and thinking....and thinking some more.....well, if I had the chance with him....hmmm thinking again......But, no, no way! What are you thinking! Wake up! No way in h*ll! Whoops! I got kind of carried away there. Whew, back to reality. Oh well, it's kind of fun, just thinking about it anyway. Hehehe.

    Would you date a hot popular salsero in your area? I mean long term, no flings. Have you or are you now? What's happening or what has happened?
  2. africana

    africana New Member

    is he smart?
  3. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    He is pretty smart. At least street smart. Book smart, I don't know. I haven't discussed any theories of law or gravity with him. But, the question is, Africana, would YOU seriously date any of the hot, popular salseros you've come across in the scene? And, let's say he IS smart.
  4. tacad

    tacad New Member

  5. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    Why don't you ask him (casually!) if he wants to join you for dinner and you can see what he's really like- what's behind his "image" and if you two can get along off the dance floor. 8)
  6. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Do I see a possible crush, a possible something more...hmmm... :wink: 8)
  7. africana

    africana New Member

    i think you know me well enough by now ;) to know that I have that door purdy much closed although I do crack a window now and then
    plus what's hot for one aint hot for another :p
  8. Big10

    Big10 Member

    Best shiv maker on the cellblock??? :eyebrow:

    :lol: Sounds to me like he's getting "the benefit of the doubt" -- which hot people tend to get in general.

    Personally speaking, I would not refrain from dating a Salsera simply because she is "hot and popular," if she happened to possess the qualities that I look for when dating any other woman. However, as a practical matter, it would be tougher to capture her attention since the hot and popular Salseras tend to be young women who are already getting lots of attention from the young hot guys. The constant fight through all of that "traffic" would be the hardest part.
  9. africana

    africana New Member

    I was just laughing cos the thought occured to me that whenever people talk about "street smarts" it's code for "well he aint got no education but he sho can talk up a good game" or dance as the case may be :lol:

    Well he doesn't have to break down the implications of Guass Law but he does need to be all-round smart i.e. intelligent otherwise no hope of salsa-relationship

    and he needs to be tall :p

    Anyway have you noticed how recently broken up salsa couples never show up in the same club? sad huh? Especially when you know and like both parties
  10. tacad

    tacad New Member

    Same in ballroom.
  11. tacad

    tacad New Member

    From my brief exposure there do seem to be hot salseras that are down to earth.
  12. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    What I've learned in the last 16 months is that dancefloor chemistry and real-life chemistry are two separate things. One does not guarantee the other. Having an amazing dance connection doesn't mean you will hit it off as a couple, or even you fancy each other :?. You *can* have an amazing dance connection without any romantic feelings (beyond the 3-minute kind). And a hot salsero isn't necessarily a fun person to be with when you are not dancing.

    But if you two actually fancy each other and want to date, I don't see why you shouldn't just because he's a hot salsero. Only, don't let your dance connection cloud your judgement when it comes to personality match.
  13. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    They do over here- with their new guys and girls! 8)
  14. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    i'd have a fling with her first .. and if i like her .. maybe a few more flings :lol: :lol:
  15. itorres

    itorres New Member

    Deciding whether to date a person or not is mostly a matter of progressive evaluation on a Pass / Fail basis. Looks, dances, nice guy, smart, job, etc.

    However, SalsaAmore is aware of the possible problems that his being a hot salsero will bring along (wanting to dance with different partners, jealousy, likelihood of temptations, dance club crushes, etc) Dating in the dancing scene will add this additional complication to regular (non-dance circle) dating.

    I can't tell you about dating in the dancing scene, but the point may be moot if you follow Cocodrilo's advice and try to get to know him off the dance floor. Perhaps he'll fail one or a few of the dating test criteria: no other interests in common: not intellectually compatible, has other SO, not interested in you :cry: , leaving the country :) , or other.

    I think it happens often that after a good night of dancing one may be interested/smitten and think about them for days. Then as you get to know them you may realize they're not for you. However, if they really are for you may want to try to go for it. What is harder to find a SO or a dance partner?
  16. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    i like hot salseras.. but i prefer sizzling ones..
  17. kdogg

    kdogg New Member

    Sizzling or seasoned? :wink:
  18. Ms_Sunlight

    Ms_Sunlight New Member

    Aw, so us smouldering sultry types don't get a chance? :cry: :cry: :cry:
  19. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    Good suggestion cocodrilo, but I can't do it with guys like him. I could easily do it with certain guys I find attractive, have a friendly connection with and say, let's go for breakfast afterward. But, with him, it's different. I haven't connected with him in that way, probably because I'm being cautious and don't want to get too close. Also, he has a certain exterior that I don't know what to make of it. I usually don't like taking chances with guys like him that probably has many propositions. Right now, it's just one of those things that after we flirt with eachother at the clubs or socials, it's nice to think and smile about it.

    Hehe....I think it's definitely a crush and one that that I think I might just keep in the clubs.... :lol:

    What I mean, sweetie, is if it's like a "B-licious" or a "Mr. D" Would you if it were someone you thought was hot and popular. :D

    No, I don't necessarily find the highly educated book smart type to be all that attractive either. I think someone who is street smart, has common sense, great intuition, a good heart, good character and other qualities I won't bore anyone with here is pretty attractive. And, no, I don't give the hot ones more of an edge just cause of their looks, but maybe less so at that. Thus, the reason that I mentioned I am cautious with hot, popular salseros.

    Note above about the street smart thing. Also, he's not a player type at all. Actually, he's very nice and considerate and don't talk up a game and I find that more attractive. He gets a long with a lot of the girls in a friendly way more than a player way. I don't really see him acting like a player. I think he's evermore popular with the girls because of that. So that's appealing. But, one never knows what goes on behind the scenes do we?

    Actually, we connect less on the dancefloor and more socially in the clubs...."And a hot salsero isn't necessarily a fun person to be with when you are not dancing...." is right. Edie, the Salsa Freak shouted out a warning about dating popular salseros and that if you want heartache and pain in your life then go for it. I pretty much feel the same.

    Very well put, Ivan. This has been on-going and I think it will probably just stay as it is. It's nice to just think of how fun it is to connect and flirt with him, because he is hot and sweet. But, I don't think realistically he would be someone that I would go out with. BUT, if for some bizarre reason he turns around and pursues me instead of just flirting, then Whoa! Maybe I guess we'll have to see. :D
  20. africana

    africana New Member

    oh no she didn't lol

    but seriously I find it easy to read certain people so I mentally closed the doors way back ;) plus I'm serious about smarts, he has to be bright not just look out for himself "street" smart (sound impossible? oh well I'll probably not end up with a dancer)

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