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    Letter from the Editor “The soul of Dance”

    Hot Stepz Magazine is a unique and exciting publication geared toward the Entertainment community and dance enthusiasts. By highlighting a multitude of dance, Fashion and Music genres, Hot Stepz intends to excite, enlighten and educate about the influence and importance of dance in all media. Hot Stepz is more than a magazine Hot Stepz is a Movement! In our publication we are excited to infuse fashion, music, art, film, photography, history, culture and dance to create an exciting outlet to showcase those whose personal styles evolve and transcend the same way dancers help their craft and genres grow and evolve. We were thoroughly excited to find that so many people have expressed a profound interest in what Hot Stepz features and wanted to give our thoughts on how we intend to bring a new perspective to Entertainment and media.

    In a typical dance magazine there is a certain technical element of dance that is on display, which serves as a great backdrop to showcase new styles and Performers. This method of showcasing is proven tried and true but it only speaks to dancers! Hot Stepz is taking a different route. By melding fashion, art, music and dance we hope to breathe new life into your world and show you how much more the world has to offer. We show our reader a new perspective on culture through the vehicle of dance. Stylish individuals dance and dancers are stylish individuals; but what is dance without the music? These worlds unite with an almost effortless harmony. The flexibility, the movement, the energy all being injected into a lifestyle aesthetic and giving us a look that can’t be readily duplicated.
    We are extremely confident that Hot Stepz will have an explosive impact on our first readers by showcasing stars of stage and screen bringing you fiction, New technology, music, and much more we are an insiders peek into the world of the creative spirit.
    Welcome to Hot Stepz Magazine!

    Michael R.Thierry
    Editor In Chief
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