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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by chandra, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    Bah. Boots I've been wanting for a while now were just discontinued last week. I didn't want to buy them until I could actually get to store and try them on. Now I have to decide whether I buy them sight unseen ( has a good return policy, so it's not a really dangerous chance I'm taking) so I can get last pair in my size before they sell it, or whether I wait and hope I can fin dsomething else. Good quality shoes, all leather, so can be recrafted and worn for years. Closest pair in look and quality costs almost twice as much though if I miss these.

    Bah. More than i really want to spen dright now though, even if they are worth every dollar.
  2. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    On the other hand, that was a great whine.... or rather that was a lousy whine.... whine
  3. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Hey, now! This isn't the meta-whining thread! :D
  4. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    A meta-whining thread? Great idea. Title: 'Whines of the Whorld'
  5. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    isn't the whine one of the fundamental particles in string theory?
  6. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    no I think thats the 'twine'

  7. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Really, I wanted to go dancing this weekend. Especially AT. I'm just really craving that release that I get only from it.

    Went to my usual Friday night milonga. It sucked. My teacher has left, and things were in disarray. There were all of about 8 people there, with crappy music. So much for that.

    Went to another venue tonight. Really thought there would be a milonga. No such luck. It was a hustle/wcs dance. I like hustle, but not that much. After about a half-hour I couldn't take the music any more and left. The only other milonga is downtown, in a venue with no heat, with a very clique-ish crowd. Not so much.

    So...I'm back at home at 11:30 on a Saturday night, having driven ~1 hour there and back, still with my dance/AT craving. Probably no lesson this upcoming Friday.

  8. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    What a disappointment! Maybe you can console yourself looking at the pretty tango shoes listed in the Dance Ads forum--or would that just increase your craving?
  9. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Lol. That just increases the craving. I've been doing that today (not here). I could strangle the person who alerted me to them.

    Edit to add: Just went and looked anyway. That's the same auction I've been looking at on and off all day today. Lol.
  10. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    bummer, peach. sorry to hear!

    my whine: no dancing tonight at all. have been working all night on something that's due at work on monday. wrapping up at 1am now but... dang, i sure woulda liked a couple hours at the club.

    more work tomorrow -- have canceled latin practice with DP... but still doin' my sunday practice with pro. yah, i know what's important ;)...
  11. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    I should probably know this but it doesn't seem to be in any of my still functioning memory banks :rolleyes: Are you competing with your DP Sam?
  12. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

  13. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    WHY are there frickin' kids making NOISE outside?!?! It's dark...shouldn't they be inside. Where's a frickin' parent???

  14. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of a weird dream I had a couple weeks ago. For some reason, I was at the ex's new house (she's still living in what had been our house, she would never want to have me as a guest, and I would never want to be her guest, hence the weirdness of the dream). I was shown to my room and I went to bed exhausted. Then a bunch of kids came in and were playing very loudly. I told them to be quiet and now adults came in talking loudly, and then even more loudly when somebody turned the TV on -- loud, of course. I kept telling them to get out, I was exhausted and trying to sleep, but they all just acted as if I wasn't there.

    Then the telephone rang and woke me up. Exhausted.

    When we first arrived in North Dakota, we rented a house in a small town kind-a near the base. I was on the swing shift, so I'd have to sleep in in the morning to get a full night's sleep. I was awakened one morning by this kid who was riding up and down the sidewalk on the squeakiest bike or trike or wagon I'd ever heard. I finally dragged myself out of bed and took a look and there was nobody out there. But the squeaking continued! Squirrels in the tree next to the house.
  15. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    Is there any option I can set to display the dates and times of posts? Instead of the elapsed-time (eg, "50 minutes ago") that the forum had switched to? It's just too hard to work with elapsed-time.
  16. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    Monday night is a terrible night to go grocery shopping. Trader Joe's was out of half a dozen things I need, so I had to wander around the regular grocery store looking for substitutes. But they were out of some of the things, too.

    Then they screwed things up--after waiting for ever in the in-store pharmacy line to get some sudafed for my cold, going through the anti-meth rigamarole, they told me I could pay for it at the regular register. Guess what-no! So I had to go back to the pharmacy and wait again. Then I discovered the main register had made a mistake, and had to go back there. But the checker didn't know how to do a refund and they couldn't seem to find the manager. More waiting.

    Sheesh! And I was starving and and trying not to gobble down something at the store.
  17. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    My Russian history prof in 1975 had just returned from a year-and-a-half sabbatical in Moscow doing research on the Revolution. One of the things he described was shopping in the Soviet Union, which matches what I've been told elsewhere about shopping in Soviet Block Eastern Europe.

    Separate shops for different things: meat, bread, groceries. You stand in line to place an order. Then you stand in a second line to pay. Then you stand in a third line to get your merchandise. They ran out before you made it through the third line? Back to the first line to place a new order, or the second line to cancel the order and get a refund.

    And there were long lines. What with chronic shortages being a way of life, you'd be walking down the street and there's a line forming out the front door of a store. You'd automatically get in line. Then word would pass back what they had just gotten a shipment of. If it was something you needed, you'd stay in line; if not then you'd move on.

    Remember that scene in Robin Williams' Moscow on the Hudson where he discovers a line waiting to buy "tualetnaya bumaga" (toilet paper)? And the line wraps around the corner and extends down the street. And then he defects in New York and goes to buy coffee and is suddenly faced with so many choices that he goes into shock.


    Tell me. At the end of the day [when you've been speaking in English all day], does your mouth hurt too?
    (Robin Williams' character in Moscow on the Hudson. Years before the movie was made, a college friend from Yugoslavia had told me that at the end of just one hour of English class their mouths would hurt. Because English made them twist their mouths around in ways that no other language required of them.)
  18. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    That question came up again tonight and I still don't know how to answer it.

    "How long have you been divorced?"

    When does the clock start? With the separation (3.5 years)? With the final decree (2 years)?
  19. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    You've been divorced for 2 years, separated 1.5 years before that.
  20. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    there is one more timepoint that I can recall, - when you separated mentally... (usually at some point soon after the marriage...)

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