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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by ballroomboilergirl, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. ballroomboilergirl

    ballroomboilergirl New Member

    Just like the song from The Sound of Music...everyone list their favorite things here to look at when we're feeling down! :D

    Here are a few of mine...

    my Freed Tina Latin shoes
    carbs (even though they are bad for me)
    Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea
    MAC makeup
    my DF buddies!!!
    going barefoot
    black and white photography
    the Hustle
    Dirty Dancing
    my sister
    Dan Rutherford and Nicole Carroll (best coaches EVER!!!)
    The Purdue University Ballroom Dance Team (everyone knows they're the best... :wink:)
    tank tops from Express
    George Clooney (mmmmm....)
  2. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    DANCING!!! :bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy:
  3. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    . . . and her tank tops :twisted:
  4. NeoDevin

    NeoDevin New Member

    I'm with Vince on this one....

    To add my own.

    Courtney in a tanktop ;)
  5. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member


    Oops . . . that should have been "ditto."
  6. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    An ignorant foreigner asks:"We look at our list when we are down?" :?
  7. NeoDevin

    NeoDevin New Member

    Yeah, that way you know everything you have to be happy for.
  8. lindy jihad

    lindy jihad New Member

    my list:

    Online Gaming
    Paul Frank Cartoons
    My new favorite CD, Chris de Luca & Peabird Deadly wiz da Disko
  9. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Oh!! I just enjoy them and I'm not down anymore, but here are some anyway, just in case:

    -Faith (reading memorable meaningful passages)
    -Running, Weightlifting (Not the action per se but the entire process:
    the focus, being with oneself, letting all the distractions fade away, often
    a zen-like meditative experience!! If I ignore you you now know why. :) )
    -Beautiful Ladies (note not "girls" Neo!!! :p Remember those underage
    ones in another thread!)
    -Relationships that matter -- family, friends
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Hot chocolate and baked apples in January.

    Swing sets in the park.

    Snuggling by the fire.
  11. DancingMommy

    DancingMommy Active Member

    **Any kind of sweetened cereal - fruity pebbles for example

    **Free stuff that I can actually USE (as opposed to those stupid aol disks I keep getting in the mailbox)

    **Our Xbox & PS2

    **Any Final Fantasy game

    **Splinter Cell

    **Books of any kind (well, almost)

    **Hot baths with lots of good stinky stuff

    **Peace and quiet from the nursery in the evenings

    **The dance video that Gabriella watches OVER and OVER (see above)

    **Dance shoes that don't pinch my tootsies


    **Good music

    **My PT Cruiser

    **Our new computer (YAY for more memory and a faster CPU!!!!)

    **A husband that shares my passion for dance - I am truly blessed!
  12. danceguy

    danceguy New Member

    Health and well being
    Good food
    The happiness I feel when I see babies and young children
    Qi Gong, Yoga and Tai Chi
    Salsa and Swing dancing
    Being at the beach on a windy and foggy day when no one is around - enjoying the stillness and the voice of the crashing waves.
    Smiling at someone and receiving a smile in return
  13. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Other than being down because of my dancing, I usually do not let myself get there.
    However, if I do:

    A smile from my wife - or dancing with her
    A "real" hug from anyone

    If those don't snap me out of it . . .

    Playing my guitar
    Preparing a gourmet meal (I love to ccok)
    Going for a drive (truck or Harley)
    Listening to classical music (no blues, no country, no alcohol)
    Going clothes shopping

    And lastly, something I recently discovered:
    There is a travel channel on high-definition television, that shows HD-videos of outstanding, specific interest locations thoughout the world. Usually, each show centers on one country/location. The videos are breathtaking in high-definition . . . it's almost as if you were there and it was "live." Scenes taken in airplanes can almost cause "a fear of heights" sensation. This will take your mind off of anything that has you down. This world is simply a beautiful place . . . . even Canada!
  14. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    Owls (especially Great Horned, Barred, Eastern Screech and Long-Eared) :wink:

    Playing me guitar
    '62 Gibson cherry-red SG guitars
    Fodera Monarch basses (wish I had the $$ for one of these bad-boys)
    Hammond Organs

    EC Swing

    A fiery, passionate dance where you and your partner REALLY connect and create!

    French Roast coffee
    Peppermint Tea
    Theakston's Olde Peculiar or Anchor Steam beer
    Snapple Mint Ice Tea

    A "real" hug from anyone
    Health and well being
    Good food
    Smiling at someone and getting one back
    Long Walks

    Sound of a jet or turboprop engine winding up
    60's cars

    1960's Batman
    King Of The Hill
    The Simpsons
    Uproarious Laughter

    Beautiful sunsets & sunrises
    Sounds of crickets and owls at night

    Great music in many forms (blues, swing, jazz, classical, REAL country-not the fake pop-crossover stuff, progressive rock, rock, some metal, soul/R&B, House)
  15. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Hey Phil . . . we have a lot in common . . .

    Playing the guitar, and I hae an SG at the house right now trying it out . . . the guy only wants a "few" $$$ for it, ad I wanted to make sur eit was OK.

    I'm looking of a good basss under $1k as I seem to be playing more bass lately . . . someone told me that Schecter makes a real good bass for around $700 . . .

    And I just ordered a cheapie Casio keyboard form musician's friend to use for a drum maching, metronome, and accompanying me as I play. I can plays the keyboard a little . . .

    Same dances other than WCS and I do not Foxtrot very well

    French Roast coffee
    Snapple Mint Ice tea - can't believe you wrote that one!

    I'm the best hugger . . . I really give them

    Smiling and getting them back . . it's personal thing of mine to do everyday to a stranger . . .

    I used to be a turboprop mechanic on C-130s . . .

    I have a 69 Z-28 . . .

    I shoot lots of sunset pictures, in fact one shot, is my screen saver!

    The sound of crickets is on my sound machine beside the bed that is used to drown out extraneous noises when I cannot sleep

    The exact same music . . . add classical
  16. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    Wonder if we were separated at birth Vince!! :lol:

    A bass under 1K you say? You might want to look into a Yamaha. I had a Yamaha BB series 5-string I played in a band and LOVED it, sounded kind of like a souped-up Fender Jazz, only much easier to play. Very reasonably priced too! See

    The axe in your avatar pic, is that a Telecaster?

    That's so cool you used to service C-130's. Those are some serious engines on those things, what are they, something close to 5000 HP apiece?
  17. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Wow, I almost said the same thing in my first response to you.

    I'll check them out . . . that 1k is with about 30-40 discount . . our oldest works at Guitar Showcase and gives great discounts! I also plan to pickup a Carvin PB200-15 bass amp . . . I don't want to spend too much, as I only play once in a while . . .although it's very addictive!

    Yes, a '52 re-issue . . . I like the feel of Telecasters. I used to play Strats until I picked up a Tele at jam night, and loved how it felt in my older hands!

    I actually taught tech-school in Texas on the 130 and 133 . . . not sure of the HP - it's been a while - but for a large cargo plane with 4 turboprop engines . . . they can take off and land on an aircraft carrier . . . that's HP and torque . . .
  18. dancersdreamland

    dancersdreamland New Member

    There are more, but here are my top 10 (in no particular order):

    Ice Cream
    Dance Forums
  19. Kate

    Kate New Member


    And my Music. Cannot live without it.
    What sort of music is everyone into?

  20. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    You name it, Kate. Classical, R&B, salsa, smooth jazz, pop/top 40, rap, classic rock .....

    How about you?

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