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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by borikensalsero, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Adwiz

    Adwiz New Member

    The effort you ladies are making to get this guy to unwind is admirable.

    My feeling is that part of the lead partner's job is to make the woman look good. Too many guys are focused on themselves rather than their partners, especially in Salsa and Ballroom Latin. I see it all the time, a kind of "look at how great I am" kind of dancing where they don't look at the woman because they are too busy thinking about how good they look. When they make an effort to make the woman look good then it also makes them look good. I wish more guys would get this about dance. The whole experience becomes that much richer.

    For me, whether I dance with my wife or someone else, I can't help but be grinning like crazy, looking my partner in the eye every chance I get because it's just so darn much fun to see them looking so good and enjoying themselves so much. You ladies are all so beautiful when you dance it's the greatest thing in the world to be sharing that moment, to have the privilege to be your partner. I just can't understand guys who don't get that.
  2. redhead

    redhead New Member

    Yeah, I've seen quite a few of those "look-at-me" leaders... Oh, just to be fair, should I mention followers so sexy they don't feel a need to follow?
    My friend has something different, I don't think his ego is a problem here. It seems when he dances, he switches to an autopilot, and does all those crazy shines and moves effortlessly with a face expression of a sphinx. Talking doesn't help... But thank you, guys!
  3. brujo

    brujo New Member

    Have you tried breaking his routine and force him to dance? I think most of us have taken so many lessons that we become salsa robots sometimes. Take his hands, smile, and say "my turn to lead", and just start doing some crazy things. You'll see how he goes through shock, denial, barganing, fear, anger, despair and acceptance in just 3.5 seconds. Do crazy things, slap his butt, be silly...

    I take the stone face as a challenge, because it is only when you do something either trully unique or that FEELS great ( not looks ) that you'll see that little smile creep into the face of person you are dancing with. And it is so much more rewarding....
  4. redhead

    redhead New Member

    Thanks brujo... :lol:
    Gotta try that. I do silly stuff with about everyone else but him... This guy's face expression is what doesn't let me do crazy:doh:
  5. SwinginBoo

    SwinginBoo New Member

    Jenn, I can so see you doing this! :p
  6. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    HeHe! I really do this. Discovered it by accident, actually. But that big old "I'm madly in love" styling is a fun thing to practice. Especially on unsuspecting guys! :lol:
  7. danceguy

    danceguy New Member


    As a man who has been nicknamed "Stoneface" by many people...I'll share with you a little secret. Those of us with the patented unreadable face tend to be hiding deep and profound passion underneath...and at times find it almost impossible to express our true feelings to others. We may push everyone away, but at the heart of it...the opposite is the truth...we are simply waiting for someone to see who we really are.

    Look very deeply, especially into the eyes of this man. Past the stone face and the emotionals walls and armor...see without your eyes, but rather, with your heart.

    You might be very surprised at what you find.


    Erick (SG)

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