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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by dancin_feet, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    ya hit the nail on th' head, Salsachinita! :wink:
  2. Lita_rulez

    Lita_rulez New Member


    Basicaly what I tried to say in my first post, although maybe not as diplomaticly (and with much less words) ;)
  3. Hey Boriquen,

    That was a great post!

    You are a very lucky person. I hope you know what most of us hardcore salseros in other parts of the world have to go through all the time. We are going even if there is only 30 or 40 or 50% salsa all night. We have two options: or take it or stay home. We always put our hopes up anyway only to get disappointed most of the time.

    Believe me, it is not very often that we have nights with even 80% salsa. That would be absolutely great! I love 100% salsa nights! It is just wonderful! I need nothing else! Maybe a few cha cha chas, since I also love to dance cha cha cha. When I go to dance salsa, I do not care at all for the rest of the Latin repertoire they always play. My mind is set on salsa, period! I especially hate it and get an attitude when they start playing Reggaeton!

    I have had too much of all the other music in my pre-salsa life: disco, ballroom, rock’n’roll, jive etc. I don’t need it anymore. It was fun but nothing was as much fun and as satisfying for me as salsa has been. It is not only the dance, it is the whole package: the music, the language (Spanish), the people and the dance. Boriquen can always express it much better but you all know what I mean!

    Another salsa addict!
  4. mellody43

    mellody43 New Member

    whoops. nevermind!
  5. jamaicanspice

    jamaicanspice New Member

    Did someone call my name???? 8) :wink: :D
  6. MapleLeaf Salsero

    MapleLeaf Salsero New Member

    Well here at most salsa venues, the proportion is:

    80% salsa
    15% kizomba
    5% other latin (bachata, merengue and cha cha)
  7. lily

    lily Member

    There's a regular dance party near where I live that has, in my opinion, a great idea. They have 3 dance floors and have Swing music and dancing in one, Ballroom in another and Salsa in the third. It's excellent as you can either stick to dancing your favourite dance all night or you can change. As there are 3 rooms you don't have to wait until the type of music you like comes on, you just change rooms when you feel like changing dances.
  8. jenibelle

    jenibelle New Member

    Sorryyyy I am ignorant.
    What the devil is kizomba?

    Jeni :D
  9. etchuck

    etchuck New Member

    We tried that with two dance floors before. I personally would think I've gone to heaven if this were the case.

    No, I would be in heaven if all the hotties kept asking me to dance. And I'd never be tired as I get moved from one floor to another.
  10. MapleLeaf Salsero

    MapleLeaf Salsero New Member

    Hi Jenibelle. There´re aren´t too many people who know this dance. It originated in Africa (Angola, former Portuguese colony) and is very popular in Portugal. In short, and without getting into great detail or historical analysis, it´s composed of two 3 beat set where the 3rd and 6th beats are slightly more pronounced. You dance real close to your partner and just let yourself go... OK, I realise you have no idea what i`m talking about but it´s too hard for me to explain... Sorry. :wink:
  11. Genesius Redux

    Genesius Redux New Member

    Well, not surprisingly, I agree completely with Salsachinita.

    Don't really know what all the fuss is about. We have a salsa club, and that's where people go if they want to dance salsa. Right down the street is B.B. King's, a blues club. People go there to hear the blues--not to hear the latest rockabilly knockoff, nor to hear Debussy. This, it seems to me, is not a difficult concept to master.

    As far as variety and other dances to the same music--well, that really depends on the music, doesn't it? There is some music that encourages you to step on 1, some that encourages on 2. Some music is appropriate for cha cha, some is not. Music has a structure. It's not a series of chance events out of a wholly random universe. You dance something appropriate to the music, then nobody will stare. Cha cha comes from mambo anyway. All of it is related to rumba. On top of that you have all sorts of different partners available--and sometimes drinks and cigars to boot. I love ballroom. But I've never been bored at a salsa club.

  12. MapleLeaf Salsero

    MapleLeaf Salsero New Member

  13. aragonh

    aragonh New Member

    I prefer 100% salsa anytime.

    But Im also realistic.

    Salseros (as a group) usually dont drink as much as the regular club people. If they drink anything, they drink mostly water.

    Now a venue usually survives on admissions and bar money. So until there is a criticial mass of salseros in this area, I will have to put up with 50%, 60% salsa.

    There is only 1 place around here that does 100% salsa, and thats because its a Salsa Social on sunday evening!!
  14. Danish Guy

    Danish Guy New Member

    You can’t play too much salsa at a salsa club. And you definitely can’t mix it with ballroom, rock, disco or whatever you like. To salsa there are generally some other dances you can slip under the salsa umbrella. Chachacha, Merengue, Son & Bachata. Not a bunch of them, but throw in a single different tune once in a while is ok for me.

    Tonight during 2 hour’s free summer salsa there was a single Chachacha.

    A good DJ will play the right music for the audience. See how the crowd reacts and feel the pulse of the dancers. Vary the fast and slow songs. Dare to try a funky, oriental, jazzy, reggae or rap spiced salsa music. Try some new numbers, an fire up with the classics.
    If a Merengue number can empty a crowded dance floor, then it might be a hint not to play more of this stuff, or maybe even cross fade over in a salsa.

    Locally we have some very fine DJ’s to mix this, throwing in goodies for both the Cuban based dancers, and the nightclub style.

    We also have the DJ’s playing mainly the stuff they prefer listening to themselves. They just don’t seem to notice the difference in the dancers, if the should hit a classic tune.

    Talking about the love for salsa (and yes, I’m a salsaholic) there is one thing that bothers me. Some DJ’s don’t show any respect to the sound quality. The top of the horns is cut off. The bass is missing or overdone. The volume is way over what the equipment is able to do. You get the picture. You have to play a certain level to feel the music. But I don’t want my ears blown in. I don’t want my ears damaged due to crappy sound equipment or wrong settings of the buttons. When the play Celia Cruz it have to sound like Celia Cruz, not like some caricature with no respect to her memory.
  15. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    Well said, Danish guy! A good DJ makes a GREAT party! I've been to some latin parties where they advertised salsa & merengue and then played 60% samba! What the heck?! Most of the salsa fans there sat htose dances out and we all sulked around until the next salsa tune came on(FINALLY!). I have been to waaaaay too many gigs like this. It all boils down to inexperienced DJs!!! :evil: (seethe seethe)
  16. etchuck

    etchuck New Member

    I come to board to apologize partially. I will admit, I left the social portion of tonight's salsa congress because... well, they didn't play enough salsa. Seriously what's up with that. I can understand one to two merengues in a row. I cannot understand 5 in a row, followed by 5 cumbias. Add the fact that I will become very sick if I'm exposed to cigarette smoke for two long, and it meant yours truly had to go home.

    The last song they were playing right before I left for all intents and purposes was a samba. A cool samba. But all I saw was a lot of Latino grinding. I was not terribly happy.

    For what it's worth, you can do WCS to a merengue (within proper tempo of course).
  17. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    Wow, Etchuck, that's really too bad. Aren't salsa events supposed to play salsa music to appeal to their attendees, who are expecting to listen to and dance to salsa? Were the people in charge new to organizing such an event? I'm sure other attendees felt the same way... :(
  18. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yes. While I'm not a salsa freak so non-salsa doesn't bother me a bit, I can imagine it must be really irritating to have one thing advertised and something completely different played. If you mean Latin night, say that. :evil:
  19. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    And it was meant to be a salsa congress? That's bad. You should complain to the organisers.
  20. dancin_feet

    dancin_feet New Member

    If I had realised it was a "salsa" club before I went, I would have been better prepared. As I stated before it was advertised as a "latin" night where the competition final was in Salsa and Merengue. If it was advertised as a "salsa club" I would have expected salsa all night.

    Will be over the "culture shock" the next time I go (and not necessarily believe what is advertised!). :p :D

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