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Discussion in 'Videos' started by op684, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. op684

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    Anyone acquainted with them? Georgians, Chechens, Circassians, Alanians, Dags, and a host of other natives from Caucasus have a very rich culture of centuries-old beautiful music and dances. One particular dance is very explosive and "dangerous" ;), and it's called Lezginka. The two main dancing "styles" of Lezginka are a dance with daggers, and a dance of the eagle, two very prominent symbols in the cultures of all Caucasian natives. Check them out and let me know what you think. The dances I posted here are done without traditional dresses, and feature only one style of the various musicals native to Caucasus - the fast one - the one that these dances are mostly danced to.


    The dance done with traditional Caucasian costumes worn (these are ensembles):


    Dances with daggers:


    Kids dancing:


    Funny, cuz their dancing is set to Western hip-hop song "Tarantula":

  2. DancingJools

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    Thank you for all these clips.
    I know Circassian, Chechen and Dag dancing. I've always watched women in formal performances only, meaning in costume, or alternativly in a lot more informal setting (weddings) where the dancers were so-so. So I really liked some of the clips with rather accomplished women dancers in street clothing. It's the first time I got a clear look at their footwork.
    In just about all the performances I had seen in the past, the footwork is so smooth that the women look like they are floating on air, because the costumes cover their legs to the floor, so you never see what their feet are doing. You just see them gliding and forming patterns. It's interesting to see some of them now doing the same thing, in jeans, and you can see how they're moving their feet.
    There are some fabulous men in those clips, also.
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    wow- some of those were amazing!
  4. op684

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    Glad you liked.

    Hehe, actually, women are not really supposed to dance like those beautiful girls who used their feet and arms a lot. They were imitating the masculine form of this dance. The "proper" way for a woman to dance in Caucasus is the feminine form that you were referring to when you mentioned the dancing of Caucasian women in traditional dresses. But I don't believe there should be set "feminine" dancing styles for women; if it looks natural and beautiful, then I'm all for it. Unless, of course, it's a guy dancing in feminine form :D bwahahaha...then there's a problem, but that doesn't happen.

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