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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by nx, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. nx

    nx New Member

    My instructor showed us the triple step, and from what I understand it was like this: step left with left foot, bring together right foot, step left with left, tap together right and step right, bring together left foot, step right with right foot. So it's a sideways movement. However I couldn't understand how to do the rest of the dance in the same triple step. When I looked online for triple step, it looks different, since the steps seem to be in place. I need help to figure this out.
  2. Flat Shoes

    Flat Shoes New Member

    The triple step is basically a weight change with a shuffle.

    Let's assume you do an eight count basic as leader. You could do like this:
    left(1) - right(2) - left(3) - right(5) - left(6) - right(7)
    left(1) - right(2) - left(3) - right(5) - left(6) - right(7)

    The number in parenthesis is the beat number you step down on.

    The left on beat 3 and the right on beat seven can be replaced with a triple step. This gives us:

    left(1) - right(2) - left-right-left(3) - right(5) - left(6) - right-left-right(7)
    left(1) - right(2) - left-right-left(3) - right(5) - left(6) - right-left-right(7)

    The point is, doing the simplified version with a single step has the same weight distribution as doing the triple step version. So we have a weight change with a shuffle.

    What the triple step is giving us is the possibility to travel on beats 3 and 4 and on beats 7 and 8, while just stepping down does not allow this.

    You do of course not have to travel, you can do triple steps in place too.

    From reading your description it looks like you were doing a six count basic. Then the rhythm will be like this:
    left(1) - right(2) - left-right-left(3) - right-left-right(5)
    left(1) - right(2) - left-right-left(3) - right-left-right(5)
  3. Flat Shoes

    Flat Shoes New Member

    Btw: Different swing dances may style this very differently.
  4. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    nx, what dance were you learning?
  5. nx

    nx New Member

    Swing, that's the only way it was described. 2 basic, 2 place exchanges, hands turning (like lightbulb) while moving around in a circle to again exchange places. That's our routine.
  6. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    There is a HUGE amount of variation in the steps you can do in "swing".
    If it IS East Coast Swing, as Flatshoes guesses, it looks like you have been give a tap step instead of the 2nd "triple step".

    A triple step is three steps: step step step.
    You do that to the Left, as you describe it.
    Those two motions with your right foot usually take the same amount of time as the triple step.

    The next steps, where your feet take turns, can be in any direction, but are often taught as a "rock step".

    Before I go on, does this sound about right? Or am I getting something wrong?

    (Asking beginners to do two different steps seems to be asking for trouble, base on how hard it was for me to get all this - finally - I hope! Although it is perfectly legit, dancewise!)

    "Usually", (meaning in "East Coast Swing", which is one of the easier swing dance to learn) you would do a second set of triples to the Right.
    Looks like they have you do a Tap, followed by a step, both on the Right foot.
  7. nx

    nx New Member

    The way flat shoes describes steps is a bit confusing, since the direction feet are going isn't mentioned. Yes, I described two sets of triple steps, without separating them: going left and coming back. There is a rock step at the end of almost every move we make. For example, basic is: left, right, rock step. It's easy to substitute triple step in the basic if I understand how to do it to the beat. The place exchange is as follows: I (leader) step forward with left while raising the arm and leading the partner around, turn and step back with right and do a rock step.
  8. Flat Shoes

    Flat Shoes New Member

    The feet are going in the direction you are traveling. You can triple standing in place, or moving somewhere.

    Where you're going depends on what pattern you're doing. You move your body, and your feet stays underneath you, doing walk-walk, triples, kick-ball-changes or whatever.
  9. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the DF, nx.

    This has become way to confusing. However, all of the answers are correct. I know... more confusing. Here's the simple answer:

    1. Swing (as you are asking) is a sidewards dance.
    2. Single Step Swing: left to side; right to side; rock step (left behind right heel to toe; also important, know that a rock step is a small push from the back foot, and not a step back onto it [not danced well by many]; it is a rock step, not a step rock)
    3. East Coast or Triple Step Swing: same as Single Step, but with the left to side; right closing to left; left to side... repeat to the other side, then rock.

    Lastly, to dance these steps with a more 'in place' action is a Jive or Jitterbug. Unfortunately, because of the Western Euro/Russian influence on american ballroom, it has become popular, and acceptable, though incorrect, to dance basic Swing like this. Hope this helps.
  10. nx

    nx New Member

    How to do the other moves with triple step? What does left-right-left mean? It seems the dance we were dancing originally is single step Swing. When I do a basic, I count to 4 (left, right, rock step) and continue until 8, am I counting correctly? How would I do a place exchange with triple step, how would I count?
  11. Flat Shoes

    Flat Shoes New Member

    left-right-left means step on left foot, step on right foot, step on left foot. All in the course of two beats, when it's a triple step.

    Note that you do not necessarily transfer weight to the foot you're stepping on.

    "The only count I know is Count Basie"
    There is no right or wrong when counting. If it makes sense to you to count this way, go ahead.

    But what you are doing is counting the steps. I (and most I think) find it more useful to count the beats.

    The pattern you describe is single step Swing with a 6 count (as in six beats) basic. To break your pattern down:
    left (step down left foot and transfer weight on beat 1)
    right (step down on right foot and transfer weight on beat 3)
    rock (step down left foot and transfer weight on beat 5)
    step (step down right foot and transfer weight on beat 6)
    rinse and repeat until end of music.

    Comparing it to my first post, I would write it like this:
    left(1) - right(3) - left(5) - right(6)
    left(1) - right(3) - left(5) - right(6)

    left(5) - right(6) is the rock step combination.

    Replacing single step with triple step:
    left-right-left(1) - right-left-right(3) - left(5) - right(6)
    left-right-left(1) - right-left-right(3) - left(5) - right(6)

    The difference between this and the six count pattern I described in my first post, is that I started with rock step, instead of ending with it. That comes from my Lindy Hop background.
  12. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    FS, your post is correct... just too confusing for the OP. There is a difference between counting steps and beats, but nx needs 'simple'.
    Triple and Single step swing have something in common... the rock step. All moves are the same no matter which "swing count" you are dancing. For example, if you turn the girl on your normal count 1 in single swing, then turn her on the normal count 1 in triple swing. She will turn in 1 count for single swing, and use 3 counts in triple swing. Of course, it is technically more involved, but this answers your question.
    Read Flat's post.
    Yes, your count is fine. For learning the change of place, ask your teacher to show you. This is best.
  13. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Thanks, Angel HI

    Fa’afetai, Angel HI! Thank you! It's a real talent in life to be able to explain things in ways everyone can understand... :p
  14. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Mahalo e o he mea 'ole.
  15. morgrob

    morgrob New Member

    Angel, I was just wondering if you could clarify this a little more about the rock step. Thanks...always enjoy tips to improve my dancing.

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