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  1. Katushka

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    1) Very nice light green dress, made by Danscouture Russia, Chrisanne fabric, stones Swarovski. Great quality and exclusive design. Condition of new.
    Size 3-8, 5'8''. 1300 euro (with shipping)

    2) Bright and delicate dress size 44-46, height from 168. Materials CHRISANNE and SWAROVSKI. In excellent condition.
    Sewn professional dressmaker. Lights on the dance floor.
    Color Cariban Blue (new!). Finishing the skirt with a thin, golden lace, ahead of the original draping of organza!
    Size 3-8, 5'8''. 1250 euro (with shipping)

    More dresses from Russia

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  2. TinyDancer109

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    Those are gorgeous
  3. Larinda McRaven

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    Katush... I thought we agreed that you would not post ads here anymore...??

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