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Discussion in 'Country and Western' started by b19wh33l5, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. b19wh33l5

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    I consider myself an intermediate level two stepper. I have taken a bunch of beg/int level workshops and a int/adv level workshop and have never had any problem learning and retaining the material. I would like to freshen-up my repertoire with some new moves and thought instructional videos might be a good source to turn to. I was looking online and I found these They look VERY tempting because I have seen Ronnie and Brandi dance and I think they look incredible! I have a couple of questions before I spend $40 on a video though:

    1) Does anyone have any experience with these videos? Other videos by Ronnie and/or Brandi? Opinions?
    2) Does the syllabi for the intermediate to advanced level video look good for someone at the intermediate level?
    3) Does anyone know of other good videos to learn some new moves from?
  2. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    . . . Inermediate level? . . . competition-wise, jack and jill-wise?

    How long have you been dancing? I thought you said a month or so ago that you were a beginner?????????

    We're all different . . . some people find it very difficult to learn from tapes, especially if you do not have a partner to practice each specific move with. I'm one of those, however, that said, two of my signature moves are made from parts of moves that I learned from tapes . . . but I do have a live-in dance partner (my wife) and a dancefloor in our house to immediately practice those moves.

    I find it much easier . . . and especially if you are at the Int level - and so should you - find it easy to "see" a move done on the floor, and then be able to go do it . . .

    Good choce of Pros . . .

    I have seen (borrowed) their tapes . . . I don't think there are any better instructors out there . . .

    Yes, but only if you can execute them cleanly . . . remember, it's not always about "the patterns." I would also learn to "hit the breaks" in the music . . . it's a big thing in two step.

    I don't, but you could have purchased some at the Harrisburg event . . . just keep on searching on the "Net" . . . punch in the keyword for your favorite Pros and email 'em . . .

    Good luck . . .
  3. b19wh33l5

    b19wh33l5 Member

    I have been doing two step for about 9 months. I realize this is a short period of time but I had several people, who have been competing for years and know would not steer me wrong, tell me I would have been ok in the intermediate j&j in Harrisburg. I realize there were only like 4 or 5 couples that entered that division so it isn't a great analysis of my skills as an intermediate, but from the feed back I have been given over the past month or two, I have progressed beyond just the beginner level.

    No dance floor at my place, but I can push the couch and coffee table back and have just enough space to try some video tape stuff with my girlfriend who is over at my place a couple times a week. We also plan to start practicing together every Sunday at a local gym, like on one of the side basket ball courts.

    I had a chance to them in Harrisburg along with Sam and Chris Wetzel, and Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake. I thought they were all really impressive! Any other Pros to be on the "look out" for?
  4. kayak

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    Kultur Video has a series of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced CW tapes that have done well for me. I doubt I could have learned directly from tape, but they are good reminders of the things we did in class. Sometimes, all it takes is a tickle and I remember a whole set of skills I had forgotten.

    I like that the three levels are quite complimentary of the skills taught in the previous tape. I would take their levels with a grain of salt for defining my dance ability compared with other dancers in my region. Even being able to do much of their "advanced" stuff is sort of the tip of the iceberg compared to the dancers around me.
  5. b19wh33l5

    b19wh33l5 Member

    Just got the int/adv level two step video by Ronnie and Brandi from last night and it is AWSOME!!! I was watching all the patterns they do and they are all seem like they are very current steps that you see out on the dance floor right now. Make sure you know your basics before getting this video like inside turns, knowing what leverage and compression are, basic footwork, etc... or you will get lost quickly. I am excited to start working on this stuff! Vince you will be happy to know that it shows patterns that give me plenty of opportunities to hit the breaks easily. I have been working on that every time the DJ plays Craig Morgan's "Little Bit of Life". :D

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