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    Turns in Vals are probably the most important element. Much in the same way that waltz is a flowing moving dance so should be vals.

    The simple walking turn starts with a side-step of the couple to the right. Now on the forward step the man has to move alongside the woman. Now he pivots 90o to his left with the woman and they take a side-step together, his need to be a bit longer than hers. Now another pivot ccw and he leads the woman’s forward step across his body, remaining on the spot, until she is ready to side-step to her right and he accompanies her. Another ccw pivot and they are back facing the line of dance.
    This sounds more complicated than is. The essences of it is that they are moving in one direction whilst turning around each other.

    There are other configurations of how to turn eg using sacadas ask your teachers. Ochos also fit in very well to vals

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