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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by ticolora, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. ticolora

    ticolora Member

    Looking for an advice here.

    I would like to practice couple dancing. Suppose I find a partner willing to practice with me, let's say 2 hours every week. Now I need to place to do so.

    For various reasons:
    - I don't want to do it at home.
    - I don't want to go to a club to practice.

    There is a weekly event that begins with a 1 hour class, and followed by an open floor - unfortunately that one is too far away, and I can't find one closer to my house.

    What other free or low cost places could I explore?
  2. raindance

    raindance Well-Known Member

    You could ask at local dance studios - some have open practice time available for a (sometimes small) floor fee. Many only do so for their own students, but some are open to other students or dancers.

    Local community centers, gyms, etc may have rooms available, again perhaps for a fee, or with a membership.

    If you have a teacher, ask your teacher for local ideas. You can also ask other dancers where they go, or if they have any ideas.

    (By club, do you mean night club? If so, I agree, not a likely place for practice.)

    What sort of couple dancing? Salsa? Ballroom? Other? The type of dancing will to some extent dictate how careful you have to be about the flooring to avoid injuries and facilitate good technique.
  3. FancyFeet

    FancyFeet Well-Known Member

    Free is unlikely, unless your partner has space in their house... or if either of you have useable space at work/through some other volunteer or community option. For example, my parent's church is nice enough to let me use their hall when I'm at home for the holidays and it's not being used for other things (and my Dad has a key), but its floor is far from ideal... and I only have access to that because the community has known me since I was small. I doubt it would be an option for a stranger.

    You are probably looking at renting space (in a gym or non-ballroom dance studio) or at paying a floor fee to practice at a studio. Most independent ballroom studios allow this, though pricing structures vary. And the chains usually restrict to their students only. If you call or e-mail around, studios will tell you their floor size, practice policies and fees, and most will also fill you in slow/busy times. Be prepared that asking questions may also bring you the sales pitch.

    At only a couple hours a week, it's likely cheaper to look for those studios that have a per-hour fee. Personally, I look for those that have an unlimited monthly option (bonus if they will hand me a key/have opening hours that fit with my schedule). Second best are the ones that charge per day so I can get several hours in before
  4. open_mind

    open_mind Member

    Many gyms have large rooms with wooden floors for group classes such as zumba, yoga or what not. When there are no scheduled gym classes, I see couples and solo dancers practicing at my gym all the time, and not just ballroom. You would need to buy gym membership, of course.
  5. Yes!!!
    Just got home, from yoga, followed by having the entire gym's group exercise room to myself to practice ballroom - my own music, no crowds, mirrors on most walls. Better yet is when my wife joins me to practice there, and the room is as often empty as it is in use on weekend afternoons and after 730 pm weekdays.

    And, at 4 pm, we will be back there joining our current "shh - cheating on our primary studio" but less expensive group class.
  6. snapdancer

    snapdancer Well-Known Member

    One of the local part-time instructors has worked out a deal with the local Jazzercise franchise to use their space in off hours. Floor is danceable but noticeably not the best. Also, there is a corporate policy against having mirrors for sensitivity to their clientele (exercise for the reader to figure that one out).
  7. IndyLady

    IndyLady Well-Known Member

    Wow, seriously? I wonder if that's recent, or more stringently enforced now. When I did Jazzercise many years ago (probably >10 at this point) the facilities had mirrors, albeit not great ones (you'd better get a front row spot if you wanted to check your form). I did attend various classes (while travelling) in places that didn't have mirrors, like church basements, but I didn't assume that was intentional. No or inadequate mirrors is actually a big turnoff for me for any type of workout class.

    Having said that, I second the suggestion of smallish exercise studios if you can find one (e.g. the types that are in strip malls, etc), in addition to gyms, YMCA's, community centers, etc. The owners might be happy to make a little extra cash during off-hours, as rents for those spaces are often just barely affordable.
  8. PaulBunyon

    PaulBunyon Active Member

    In my area my studio has $10/hour floor fee for non-students. I frequently see people taking advantage of it.

    I use to live in an apartment complex that had community space that was large enough to practice in and music was allowed.

    I had a former practice partner that we used her gym membership and grabbed the Zumba room in off hours.

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