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    Just another style question after VU and VL (Vincente Lopez)

    Just read in the bio of Carlos Copello, that he´d learned Tango in Villa Pueyrredón. So does a specific contribution to Tango actually sprang from this quarter?
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    Not sure where Villa Pueyrredón is, though I remember that there is a subway station with this name, but I attended a few classes in Carlos Copello school with different teachers and they do have a specific way of teaching, which is an endless repetition of the sequence, without too much explanation. Do what I do. And again. And again. And again. Kind of, a factory that would produce tango dancers.
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    Carlos Copello was born in the provincia of Santiago del Estero. Villa Puerreydon is located between Villa Urquiza and Villa Devoto, at the border of the capital federal.

    He opened the academia that bears his name several years ago. The children learn choreography, but at least they are learning the music of tango and enjoying dance.

    I agree with Newbie, it's where you go to learn and practice sequences for stage choreography. Copello appeared in almost every show that toured the world and every tango house in BsAs.
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