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  1. Lanaia

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    Yes, my partner and I do have a spacer cue. My partner is gifted in his ability to wiggle his ears, and he does so between sets of blinks. Again, he NEVER signals with his left eye, using both eyes to signal steps would be reckless on a dance floor. We get enough strange looks without bumping into other couples.
  2. Subliminal

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    I am intrigued by this method of leading. How about boleos?
  3. Subliminal

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    It's funny, last year an acquaintance of mine went to a two week "tango boot camp" session. I will not name names, but um, the person in charge of the camp is known for "specializing" in AT, but not in the AT community. If you know what I mean.

    So she was really eager to show me what she learned. We get on the dance floor, and things are... a little awkward. I manage to lead some ochos, etc. And she whispers, "Oh, do a boleo!" I peer around, and things seem pretty clear so... boleo. Nothing. We move a little further... I try another. Nothing. Her leg just won't relax. So I tell they're not working, and we can practice them later. She says, "What do you mean? You didn't give me the signal! You are supposed to bring your hand down here and brace yourself." She pulls my left hand down to waist level, and I hold it there. Then she tenses, and using my hand for leverage kicks backwards head-high. "See, boleo!"

    I was like... :shock:
  4. Zoopsia59

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    When I hear about stuff like this, I think it MUST be a joke... except I know it isn't. :(
  5. Lanaia

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    I could see how the hand signal could work. My first dance partner was all legs though, so I don't think the hand signal would have worked then. My current dance partner is pretty chill so I just do boleos whenever I feel like it, which is most of the time.

  6. newbie

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    Hey give at least the first letters of the name I want to take classes with this teacher, my followers never kick head-high.
  7. bordertangoman

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    ROTFL..surley BOO! leo
  8. bordertangoman

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    Forward ocho to the cross

    How many of you lead or follow a forward ocho CW returning to a cross ( Milonguero Style)
    or a snakey cross from a side step?
  9. JohnEm

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    Both, assuming I interpret a snakey cross correctly. Also a standing cross
    which usually starts from a sidestep left but not necessarily.
  10. Subliminal

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    Nah, his name is like Voldemort. Don't want to attract his presence. ;)
  11. bordertangoman

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    better not speak in parcelforce either....
  12. Dave Bailey

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    Boldemort? Coldemort?

    Huh, it's true, Tango teachers do all have weird names.

  13. newbie

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    It's marked as private. I hope you repost when it goes public.
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    Now you've done it.

    *Looks around nervously*

  17. I read this book and found it extremely helpful and interesting. However, one thing was surprising to me. The author speaks about ochos in great detail, but without ever once mentioning the fact that in order to execute them, one has to be in cross system. Seems to be a glaring omission, no?
  18. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Well, it's possible to lead an ocho, or two, or three, without moving your feet. So, maybe not a glaring omission.
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  19. rain_dog

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    In a word, no. If 'back ocho' is describing what the follower is doing, as long as the leader is leading it with his embrace, what his feet are doing is largely irrelevant. Although they are usually taught in cross feet initially (probably because that's the easiest way), there's a huge variety of things you can do with your feet. Cross feet, parallel feet, standing still, double time steps, mirrored forward and back ochos for the leader - really you're only limited by your imagination and how much you can disassociate.
  20. UKDancer

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    CD writes about carrying the follower's heart from one position to another, on the basis that where the heart goes, the leg will follow. I guess she means the leader's centre directs/invites a movement from the follower's centre, so she is unconcerned with what the leader may be doing with his feet.

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