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    Carolina "Mini" Aramayo in Argentina:

    receiving her diploma

    Dancing "Igual Que Una Sombra" Ricardo Tanturi

    Presentation by her teacher Fabian Peralta:

    Dancing "Pájaro Ciego" Rodolfo Biagi

    Celebration of the 10th anniversary of "La Milonga Del Mundo" organized by Carlos Matera & Graciela at Sunderland in Villa Urquiza

    Dancing "Carillion De La Merced" Orquesta Tipica Victor

    and more recently

    Dancing "Nada" Rodolfo Biagi with Alberto Amor singing

    and with Gustavo Chaile

    dancing "Que Te Importa Que Te Llore" Miguel Calo
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    Natalia Hills & Diego DiFalco:

    perform to "Quejas de Bandoneon" by Anibal Troilo, as students of Antonio Todaro in 1988.
  5. tangobro

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    Natalia Hills with Gabriel Misse in 2010 dancing to "Remembranza":

    Natalia Hills has danced in many productions including "Forever Tango".
  6. tangobro

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    Diego DiFalco

    Diego DiFalco performs with Carolina Zokalski to "Gallo Ciego" by Osvaldo Pugliese in 2011:

    Diego DiFalco also danced in "Forever Tango"
  7. tangobro

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    "Malee" Malena Denise Rodriguez, ok not exactly a kid in 2009 but not far from. Here she danced with her big brother Javier:

    Here she dances in 2010 with their father, Jorge:

    Although Javier studied with Jorge Dispari, it seems his basic style comes from his father. As the saying goes - the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

    And in a 2013 dance, again with her brother Javier:
  8. tangobro

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    Pablo Pugliese dances vals with his mom, Esther, on Mother's Day 1991:

    r.i.p. Esther Pugliese

    Pablo Pugliese dances vals with Noel Strazza 2013:
  9. tangobro

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    Geraldine Rojas

    1992 with Gustavo Naveira:

    2002 with Javier Rodriguez:

    2013 with Ezequiel Paludi:
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    A heretical question comes up: who actually was leading. I mean lead in a more generalized sense: The revolutionst that bravely dances escenario routines, the nonconformist that adapts to the spirit of the post-millennial zeitgeist, finally Jonny-Raw who simply had to learn what she taught him.
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    We saw Gustavo Chaile (above) in 2006:

    now more recently in 2014:
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    I prefer him dancing as a kid.
    8 yrs gone to waste

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