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Discussion in 'Event Announcements' started by Lucretia, Nov 7, 2007.

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    Tropical Gem is having a weekender at Örebro Sweden 30 nov-2 dec.

    - two parties, two lunches and one dinner
    - 27 classes
    - you may sleep very cheap at the floor of a room adjusting to the classes OR at hotell. The hotel you have to pay yourself.

    The party is at the Castle of Örebro

    The cost is 1590:- for the whole weekend.
    If one £ cost 12 sek - it will be 132 £. Pretty cheap isn't it? Including food!

    It can be even cheaper if we are more than 10 booking with my help. At least 100SEK less.
    So if you come - contact me. I can help you with the reservation. The website is in Swedish www.salsadans.com

    Managers are: Huascar Saavedra at www.salsadans.com and Marcello Urrutia www.artofdance.se./engelska.htm.

    I have been at many of Huascars arrangements. They are great. Cosy & familiar. Great teachersQ!

  2. redHOT

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    Enjoy it. Popping over to Sweden for 3 days could be difficult.

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